4 Vegan Cake Recipes That Will Leave You Drooling!

It’s a new year, and that means a fresh start and a great excuse to try new things. Whether you’re diving head first into veganuary and trying to go completely vegan, or just looking to add more plant based recipes into your life, vegan baking has never been more accessible, easy or tasty! Long gone are the days where a “vegan cake” evoked images of some sort of crusty, sugar free carob laden monstrosity. With a few simple swaps (hello, dairy free milks), you can whip up four classic cakes so good we promise no one will even notice the lack of dairy or eggs. Lowering your carbon footprint and your cholesterol, while still getting to enjoy delicious and decadent cakes? Sign us up!

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  • There’s just something about chocolate cake. Sure, vanilla may technically be more versatile, but a slice of chocolate cake with some chocolate swiss meringue buttercream is so satisfying all on it’s own- no need to dress it up or worry about it falling flat. This Ultimate Chocolate Cake Recipe is just what it’s name implies- the ultimate! A little bit of apple cider vinegar stirred into plant milk (we love oat or soy for baking, but basically anything should work) will curdle to create an easy and cheap vegan buttermilk, which you’ll find in a lot of our vegan cake recipes.  And we’ve veganized our chocolate cake recipe as well as it’s buttercream counterpart, so you can make a totally vegan cake with lucious frosting! 

  • In case you thought we were dissing vanilla cake, don’t worry, we could never. It’s a staple for a reason, and it’s versatility makes it the perfect pairing with all sorts of flavors and fillings. Our Classic Vegan Vanilla Cake recipe is written to create a perfect three layer cake, but it can also be used to create a set of cupcakes, or a larger sheet cake. The key to nailing this recipe is to use great quality vanilla, the really good stuff you only pull out for special occasions. It will be super highlighted and make the cake sing. Not literally sing, but like, almost. If you’re baking for a vegan, they’ll probably be so thrilled to receive a dessert that isn’t just a fruit cup, but something that actually feels like a fun dessert. Double check ingredients, but many sprinkles are vegan too...just sayin. 

  • In spite of the word “moist” regrettably being in the title, this Moist Vegan Banana Cake may be the best vegan cake recipe on our entire site. This is a great option if you’re looking to dip your toes into vegan baking for the first time, because it doesn’t call for any specialty vegan butter and bananas are a natural egg substitute used in a ton of vegan baking. Banana bread is great, but it always feels like a bit of a tease, dancing between the world of a healthy loaf and a tasty treat. Lean into the sweet side by making this incredible cake and pairing it with our vegan dark chocolate ganache, if you’re feeling really wild maybe whip up some kind of peanut butter frosting as well. Because sometimes, we all feel a little wild. 

  • Last on this list, but certainly not least - our Vegan Carrot Cake is a recipe we are incredibly proud of. Sweet, spiced and bright, it’s the perfect canvas for our equally delicious vegan cream cheese frosting. Because, let’s be honest- it’s a crime against tastebuds to make a carrot cake without cream cheese frosting. We’re not looking for a muffin here, we’re looking for a perfectly balanced dessert to delight any sweet tooth. With one and a half cups of grated carrot and the zest of an entire large orange, this may be the healthiest we’re ever going to get when it comes to cake. And we’re more than okay with that. Whip one up for the carrot cake lover in your life...we’d bet our kitchenaid that they wouldn’t guess it’s vegan. And you know that’s not a bet we take lightly. Happy baking! 

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