Watermelon Slice Cake

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  • Difficulty Level: Beginner
  • Occasions: Birthday, Summer Party, Kids Party, Pool Party

Fruit is not dessert. You heard us. Look, we love fruit here at How To Cake It, but it’s an ADDITION to the cake in our lives, not a substitution. Bless all those instagram moms serving slices of watermelon covered in whipped cream, but that’s not cake, friend. 

So why not get a little cheeky and cake-ify the watermelon “no cake” cake trend. Confused yet? More details below, but the short version is- this is a fun little baking project that lets you play around with some fondant basics and doesn’t require any frosting skills. And will NOT disappoint your dinner guests expecting cake and disappointed by a freaking melon smothered in cool whip. Save the fruit for lunchboxes and sangrias! 

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  • One Layer of Round Vanilla Cake, colored red: baked & cooled. Gel colors tend to result in deep colors that don’t bake out.


  • White Fondant
  • Green food colorings
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Paint Brush: A clean/new/kitchen only one. Of course. 
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Watch It!

  • Cut off the top, bottom and sides of your cake, so only the brightest, most vibrant red leveled round is left. You can use whatever your favorite vanilla cake recipe is, or even *gasp* a box mix. As long as it tastes good and looks watermelon red/pink.

  • Paint a large slab of white fondant with your green food coloring. You can water it down in water or vodka- you want three different shades for a more natural watermelon rind look. Use the lightest shade as a base, the middle one to speckle the whole slab with natural dots/splotches, then the darkest shade to paint thick vertical lines for that signature watermelon vibe. You can check out our instagram for a video example of how we achieved this.

  • Cut a ring of fondant to the same height as your cake round- a ruler is your friend here. You can also cut the ring in half if it’s easier to work with. Apply your fondant ring to the rim of the cake, gently smoothing it on. Cute right? But wait, there’s more.

  • Carefully cut your circle into triangle watermelon slices- we got six slices out of ours.

  • The final step- dot your slices with chocolate chips to replicate watermelon seeds. No one will want a seedless version of this watermelon, we promise. 

Congratulations you did it!

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