The Top Baking Courses at How To Cake It

Have you ever seen beautifully decorated baked goods and wondered how on earth someone could create something so perfect and delicious? Look no further - How To Cake It has some of the top baking courses available online to teach you how to master decorating all-things baked goods.

The top baking courses available at How To Cake It include: 

  • The Cake Decorating Masterclass
  • The Cookie Decorating Masterclass

Whether you’re just getting started on your decorating journey or if you’ve attempted to decorate cakes and cookies in the past, the How To Cake It courses cater to everyone. You and your desserts will be the star of any holiday or event after completing these baking masterclasses.

In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about these best-in-class baking courses. We’ll start by explaining why you should be choosing us as your one stop shop for online baking courses, followed by a deep dive into our top 2 baking courses: The Cake Decorating Masterclass and The Cookie Decorating Masterclass.

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Why Choose How To Cake It For Your Online Baking Courses? 

At How To Cake It, we are a world renowned resource for everything baking. We offer courses, live classes, and top of the line products, all to help inspire and transform you into a better baker.

Here are the top 3 reasons why our 13+ million followers trust How To Cake It as their source for online baking courses.

1. Expert instructors

We take pride in the expert baking instructors in our How To Cake It family that are able teach you their baking trade secrets. From cake and cookie queens to decorating gurus, our teachers are some of the best dessert artists online – many of which have hundreds of thousands of followers on their own!

Our top 2 baking courses are taught by masters in their respective fields: Yolanda Gampp and Megan Warne.

  • Yolanda Gampp – Expert Cake Decorator

Yolanda has spent over 20 years perfecting and mastering her methods of cake decorating. She is a culinary school graduate from The George Brown Culinary Institute and has gained immense popularity on social media and TV. Yolanda has been featured on Netflix shows, The Food Network, Good Morning America, and has over half a billion views on Youtube – which is a testament to how popular, helpful, and entertaining her baking tutorials are. 

Yo is a wife, a mother, author, cake enthusiast and she lives in Toronto, Canada. She started out her cake decorating journey just like you might be - in your family kitchen - and has climbed her way to baking fame!

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  • Megan Warne – Cookie Queen

Megan is our resident Cookie Queen, and this name is certainly fitting. She comes from a background of architecture and design, which makes her cookie creations unique and exciting. By adding that little extra element of detail to her cookies, Megan has earned herself over 200,000 followers on social media. You can find her on Instagram at @downtwondoughto.

Megan started out her cookie decorating journey just like everyone else. But with practise (and lots of it) she has become a master in cookie decorating!

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2. Guarantee

Here at How To Cake It, we want to ensure that you’re happy with the course you’ve chosen and are squeezing every ounce out of it. Our passion is to help and inspire your cookie and cake decorating skills! 

With each of our baking masterclasses, we have a very special guarantee to ensure you’re satisfied. If for whatever reason after the first 4 videos of the course you’re not satisfied with the concepts, advice, or insights, we’ll happily refund you your money in full. Simply send us an email before you start your 5th video to receive your full refund. That said, we’re sure you’ll love all the thoughtful content our courses have to offer!

3. Loads of content

Because of our expert instructors, we can provide detailed step by step courses that are instructional how-to videos. With these baking courses, we want to teach you techniques that are lasting.

The in-depth content of each course will allow you to not just make one cake or cookie but make you into a confident baker that can apply what you have learned to any baking endeavour.

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The Top 2 Baking Courses at How To Cake It

Now that we’ve covered why you should be purchasing our baking courses, let’s go into some further detail about each course.

The How To Cake It Cake Decorating Masterclass

Our cake decorating masterclass is one you do not want to pass up. This cake decorating course is led by our expert cake decorator Yolanda Gampp, where she teaches all of her must-have cake decorating techniques.

With decades of experience under her belt, Yolanda is sharing her key techniques through in-depth step by step videos. She’s passing all of her expert knowledge and tips on cake decorating onto you, so you too can produce beautifully decorated cakes.

This cake decorating course offers pre-recorded instructional videos so you can work your way through the course at your own pace with 24/7 lifetime access. It’s built for all experience levels, whether you are a beginner or looking to work on already-acquired decorating skills.

What is included is 20 different cake decorating techniques with 12 core recipes that teach you to make delicious and beautiful cakes. A few examples of lessons include The Secret To Moist Cakes, Icing Three Ways, Piping Tips, and much more! Beyond this content, when purchasing the course you will also have access to a forum where you can get guidance from our team as well as access to a bi-monthly live cake talk hosted by Yolonda where you can ask her questions directly.

Don’t miss this chance to level up your cake decorating skills with our Cake Decorating Masterclass!

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 The How To Cake It Cookie Decorating Masterclass

Have you ever seen amazing, mouth-watering cookie art on social media and wondered how someone accomplishes that? You can learn this yourself with our Cookie Decorating Masterclass.

Taught by our resident cookie queen Megan Warne, this baking course is a comprehensive step-by-step course on how to create unique cookie art like the experts. There are 40 videos across 9 different chapters that can transform your cookie decorating skills from beginner to complex sets.

This course is for all skill levels, from beginners who can learn and practice the fundamentals, to more advanced decorators who can perfect their skills even further. You will learn design, color theory, and different techniques to elevate your cookie skills.

In the course content, you will learn things like foundational skills such as cookie dough and royal icing, how to create your own unique sets, decorating methods such as lettering and line work, as well 3 different cookie sets. More specifically, as part of the course you will be taught a floral cookie set, a celebratory cookie set, and a whimsical cookie set.

Also included are downloadable recipes, templates, and troubleshooting tips, as well as written and photo guides to accompany your learning through each video. You will also have access to Megan’s Bake You Happy (BYH) livestream classes, so you can see the cookie queen live-in-action!

Check out our Cookie Decorating Masterclass to purchase your course today!

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Final Thoughts

If you want to impress your friends and family with your exquisite, sweet treats, consider one of our online baking courses.

Why choose How To Cake It over other online courses? Simply because we have expert instructors that are sharing their tips and tricks with you, a guarantee that ensures you are happy with your course. If you’re not satisfied, you’ll receive a full refund! And last, and most importantly, you’ll learn from best-in-class artists how to improve your baking skills.

Our top 2 baking courses are: The Cake Decorating Masterclass and The Cookie Decorating Masterclass. Both courses offer expert level instructional videos to take your baking to the next level. 

To find out more, check out our courses. If you have any questions, you can reach us at!