Chocolate's perfect match 🍫

Let's talk chocolate... Maybe we’ve been indulging a bit too much in our guilty pleasure of watching reality dating shows, but lately we’ve been playing matchmaker for our baking ingredients and we think we’ve found some new soulmates. Chocolate, meet Coffee. We think you’ll be VERY happy together. 🍫☕️

Read It!

  • Have you ever tasted a chocolate dessert that was so flavorful and delicious that you were left wondering what kind of sorcery the baker was practicing in the kitchen to whip up such a chocolate masterpiece? Chances are, the answer is a lot simpler than you think. Bakers have been adding coffee to their chocolate desserts for years, and we think it’s time you join the trend and embrace the magical relationship between these two ingredients. At this point, we almost feel like baking a chocolate cake without coffee is cruel when the two were so obviously made for one another. 

    But enough of all the lovey-dovey speak. Let’s discuss the facts. Coffee, in powder or liquid form, is the perfect addition to any baked good where you want to enhance a chocolate flavor. Some bakers even go so far as to call it the ‘crucial’ ingredient for a chocolaty experience. Here are two easy ways you can join this coffee-chocolate revolution!

  • In boxed mixes or recipes that call for water, swap out up to a cup of the required water for cooled coffee or espresso.

  • Add approximately a teaspoon of espresso powder or instant coffee granules to your dry ingredients for desserts like cookies and brownies to pump up the cocoa taste.

    If you’re not a huge fan of coffee, no worries. Adding coffee to your recipes won’t result in a coffee-flavored baked good. When used sparingly, coffee is just there to bring out the best in chocolate, combining two otherwise bitter ingredients into something better than the sum of its parts. 

    Time to end this here before we start with more heavy-handed matchmaking analogies… 🤎


    Looking for more?

    If you’re looking for more baking tips and tricks, check out our Bake You Happy Live Classes, which deep-dive into all-things-baking with our roster of expert instructors. 👍

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