Cookie cutter addiction? Let us help. 😜

It happens to the best of us. We enter our cookier era with humble ambitions and modest requirements. Just a few trays and some hand-me-down cookie cutters is all we need. But then the baking goals start to grow and suddenly we’re ordering ten new flavor emulsions, the door on our pantry won’t shut due to sprinkle hoarding, and our spare bedroom has been overtaken by cookie cutter storage boxes. It’s a real problem, and frankly, there needs to be a TLC show about this because representation matters.

But until then, we’ve heard your cry for help, we share your concerns, and we’re holding a group intervention for ALL of us. It’s time to talk cookie cutters and whether we really NEED so many. Believe us … this conversation isn’t easy for us either, and we’ll be putting up quite a fight if you try to separate us from our collection of unicorn cookie cutters! 🦄

Unicorn cutters aside (who’s to say how many is too many?!) we know it gets boring decorating the same cookies over and over again — and there’s temptation to buy new cutters to keep things fresh and exciting — but we’re here to highlight some alternatives to consider before adding yet another cookie cutter to our cart.

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  • When buying a new cutter shape, think of the long game and how this cutter will work in a variety of designs. For instance, you’re decorating a birthday set for a child who loves penguins. Somehow, you’ve just found the cutest cookie cutter of a penguin holding balloons. Perfect! While we agree that such a specific cutter feels too good to be true, how often do you think you’ll be asked to do penguin/balloon cookies? You’d be better suited to purchase separate cutters that aren’t limited to niche themes and can be slotted into a variety of sets. 🐧

  • A huge cookie flex is taking an existing cookie cutter and turning it into a completely different design. An ice-cream cone becomes an elf? Amazing! An Easter basket cookie cutter that doubles up as a skull for Halloween? Pure magic. Some of our favorite cookie designs are those that creatively used a cutter in a new and exciting way. You’d be surprised at how many designs you can come up with when you look at things from a new angle.

  • The idea of hand-cutting cookies seems outlandish to most cookie-artists when they start out — and we agree that it isn’t the most fun in the world when you have an order of dozens of intricate shapes — but hand-cutting also opens up a world of possibilities and allows your creativity to shine! No longer will you be confined to the cookie cutters you own! Give it a shot the next time you have a smaller order and see if you REALLY need that extra cookie cutter, or if doing it by hand isn’t so bad afterall. 

  • Finally, does the cookie NEED to be a custom shape? We’ve often found that placing our design on a decorative plaque shape or even a regular ol’ square or circle cookie is just as effective and packs the same visual punch. Most of the time, people are so transfixed by the cookie works-of-art that they aren’t even paying attention to the shape! Investing in a few multi-purpose plaques and basic shapes can have much more benefit than dozens of custom cutters.

    Hope that helps. If you need us, we’ll be cradling our unicorn cookie cutters and assuring them they won’t be included in our next cookie cutter clean-out. 💕


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