Are you the baker who cakes it to the limit? Or are you an aspiring baker looking for new and creative ways to make your baking extra fun?

Get ready to take your baking to the next level.

Deluxe Sprinkle Service + Cakewear Club Membership

Custom sprinkle blends, exclusive cake apparel, and surprise gifts delivered straight to your doorstep every month

Do you love creating the most amazing cakes? Do you want to make your family and family proud with show-stopping creations?

When it comes to caking your craft to the next level (get it?), we know having the proper tools and an environment that gets you excited about baking are key.

Imagine the scene…

It’s Saturday. You’re about to spend the afternoon in your #cakekingdom (aka your kitchen). You put on an old t-shirt - your typical baking uniform - and head down to the kitchen. You open your baking cupboard to get your creative juices flowing...only to find there are no sprinkles in sight.

Major bummer. 

Cake queens, we know you’re out there. You deserve to have the most gorgeous sprinkles at the fingertips, ready to decorate your cake creations.  

And an old t-shirt won’t do it. The kitchen is your arena and baking is your craft. We want YOU to put on your baker’s uniform and feel excited to tackle new cake projects. 

That’s why we’ve paired two of our most popular subscriptions into one super sweet monthly bundle.

Cake decorating doesn’t have to be complicated. And being in your kitchen baking should make you feel good.

Our Deluxe Sprinkle Service + Cake Tee Club monthly subscription is filled with sprinkles, a baker’s uniform (aka epic cake apparel), and fun surprises to help you cake it to the limit! 

Each month, delivered to your doorstep, you will receive:

  • An 8oz custom sprinkle blend
  • An exclusive cake tee, sweater or apron that you can’t buy anywhere else
  • A surprise gift!
  • A sprinkle guide with recipes and sprinkle inspiration
  • ..and more!

This Deluxe Membership is for those who truly have the BAKING BUG. Who feel LIT UP when they’re in the ‘caking zone’ decorating a beautiful cake.

What our Deluxe membership brings to your baking game:

  • You’ll never experience a sprinkle drought ever again!
  • You’ll receive monthly cakewear - your baking uniform - that will get you excited about heading to the kitchen and getting creative
  • You’ll get fresh inspiration inspiration every month that will have you caking up a storm!

Click on the link below to join our Monthly Sprinkle Service


How do I know if the sprinkles and tee I’ll receive will work for me?

Our custom blends are designed to reflect the season and upcoming holidays. You’ll never need to decorate a holiday cake with Halloween sprinkles ever again! Plus, our exclusive baker’s apparel has all the puns we can cake up (are you even surprised by now?) and a unique theme every month!

What if my cake tee is too big/small for me?

That happens, and we’ll be happy to exchange your item when possible, however exchanges are limited to the stock that we have on hand as much of our apparel is limited edition. Be sure to check size guides before placing your order.

What if I no longer want to receive the Deluxe Membership every month?

No problem! If you no longer wish to receive the Monthly Deluxe Membership, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Buy now to make sure you don’t miss out on this month’s sprinkle blend and exclusive apparel

We’re so excited to see you baking up a storm!