Cookie FAQ

  • How do I get the cutters for the tutorial?

  • Help! I broke one of my cookies!

  • How do I get deep, rich colors like reds and blacks?

  • My icing is too runny, what can I do?

  • I’ve already bagged my icing and it’s too stiff. What now?

  • What's the best way to store my icing?

  • My icing was the perfect consistency when I mixed it up and now it’s too runny. What the heck happened?

  • How do I stop the tips of my bags from drying out while decorating?

  • My icing looks like it’s separated in the bag.

  • How do I prevent air bubbles when bagging my icing?

  • My cookies didn't dry with a shiny finish

  • How long do I need to let each step of my cookies dry for?

  • My detail lines keep breaking while I’m piping.

  • My detail lines aren't sticking to my cookie

  • My icing cracked after my cookies dried

  • It looks like there are grease spots on my cookie

  • My lines are coming out flat

  • There are holes in my icing now that it's dried

  • The starts of my detail lines have a little "bulb" on them

  • How do I avoid the "tail" at the end of my lines?

  • Even after my icing dried it didn’t harden on my cookie.

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