Unicorn Cake

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  • Difficulty Level: Beginner
  • Occasions: Birthday, Everyday, Summer Party, Unicorn Party, Baby Shower

Today’s cake is easy, like RIDICULOUSLY easy, while still being extremely cute.

How To Cake It may not be synonymous with chill & simple bakes- Yoland Gampp, our queen of cakes, has def made some incredible, complicated masterpieces.

But we get that sometimes you just need to make your favorite five year old something delicious and adorable, and we’ve got you covered there too, friend! This Unicorn cake is another one layer cake simple design- with just a few steps to transform a plain round cake into a marshmallow-y pastel unicorn! No special cake pans or tools required, just a little patience, and a high tolerance for cuteness. 

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What You'll Need

  • One Layer of Round Cake: baked & cooled. We went for vanilla, but if your unicorn lover is more into funfetti or chocolate, go for it!
  • Buttercream: A batch of your favorite frosting
  • Food Coloring: Black, Yellow and Pink
  • Colorful Mini Marshmallows
  • A Knife
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Watch It!

  • Cut a triangle wedge out of your cake. You should end up with a pac-man shape cake (the top of  “mouth” is going to be where your unicorn’s nose is). Then cut the triangle wedge so you have ⅓ of it as a skinny triangle, and ⅔ as a thicker triangle.

  • Position your triangles on top of the cake, the skinny one as the unicorn “horn” and the ticker one behind it as the “ear”. Check out our instagram video if you need a visual reference.


  • Frost the entire cake including the horn and ear with plain buttercream with an offset spatula. Pop it in the fridge to chill while you mix up your other buttercream colors. You can also do a second coat of buttercream if needed! Or if you’re just like, really really into frosting or whatever.


  • Split up your remaining buttercream, color yellow, pink, and black and pop them into piping bags or ziplock bags.

  • Bring your cake back out, and pipe pink buttercream onto  the tip of the unicorn nose and the inside of the ear triangle.

  • Pipe the yellow buttercream onto the unicorn “horn”. If you have a star piping bag tip, this is a great place to use it for some extra texture.


  • Place your mini marshmallows draping down the cake as the “mane”.

  • Grab your black buttercream with a very small hole in the bag to pipe on a cute closed eye (with a couple eyelashes). Finish off the look with a small circle of blushing pink buttercream under the eye.

    You can amp it up with edible glitter or luster dust, because a little extra sparkle literally never hurts.

  • Voila! A magical unicorn cake even beginners can handle. 


Congratulations you did it!

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