If you’ve seen just ONE episode of How To Cake It, you’ve seen me use simple syrup.  I spray this magic sauce on every single one of my cakes to keep them moist throughout the assembly, decoration and refrigeration process! This is especially important when you're making complex, decorative novelty cakes as they often take several days to carve, apply fondant, and decorate. I'll show you just how to make simple syrup - it is true to it's name and very simple!  

Hands down, one of my favourite kitchen tools is the squeeze bottle I use for my simple syrup. If you'd like to have one of your very own, you can purchase it HERE!


Are you ready for the SIMPLEST recipe EVER? Here we go!

Let's Make Simple Syrup!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

1 cup water

1 cup sugar


Simple Syrup Squeeze bottle -

It’s called SIMPLE syrup for a reason. Simply boil sugar in water until the sugar is completely dissolved. Allow to cool completely before using.  

Soak your cakes in simple syrup before you stack them, so that it doesn't drip down the sides. Also allow the simple syrup to soak in fully before moving forward with buttercream or decoration. Can you use too much?  Of course - don't go nuts. Be sure to check out my How To Cake It vids to see me in action using this awesome sauce.  



How To Cake It Up A Notch!

How To Make Root Beer Simple Syrup

When your simple syrup is completely cool, stir in ½ cup of root beer. I did this in my Root Beer Chocolate Movie Night Cake. It was so, so delicious.



How To Make Coffee Simple Syrup

When simple syrup is completely cool, stir in ½ cup of concentrated coffee. To make a concentrated coffee, simply place some instant coffee in a jar and pour in a little bit of boiling water. Close the jar, and shake it up really well (feel free to put on some Taylor Swift while you shake) until you see the granules dissolve. Remove the lid and let the mixture cool completely. I did this in my Tim Horton's Cup Cake. It's getting harder to convenience myself that coffee belongs anywhere but cake.


That's it!  Use this truly simple syrup recipe on my chocolate cake, vanilla cake, and any cake your heart desires when you are wanting to keep them moist and delicious.  One batch should last you for quite a few cakes, just keep it in the fridge! 

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