The only products you'll find on this site are tools and items that Yo and her team LOVES and uses ALL THE TIME! Tools that make baking and caking easier and better or that bring FUN into your day. The Flygrip does both! And now they are available in new, limited edition, How To Cake It exclusive designs - like this bright pink FlyGrip with one of our fave cake quotes! 

The FlyGrip acts like a kick stand for your smartphone or tablet and is great to use when you need to review recipes, look up photos or watch How To Cake It while you're caking in the kitchen. And when you're not in the Kitchen the FlyGrip makes texting faster and more comfortable (no more numb thumbs!) and taking pics more secure and comfortable as well! It really is one of Yo's most favorite new toys - she loves using it while caking or posting on social media and hopes you will love it too! 

Made In America. 60 day money back guarantee - if you don't love it as much as we do, we'll give you your full money back, no questions asked!