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Duration: 2 hours
Skill Level: Intermediate
Core Skills: making novelty chiffon cake

Duration: 2 hours

Skill Level: Intermediate

Core Skills:  making novelty chiffon cake

In This Live Tutorial, You Will Learn:

How to whip up Susanne's light-as-air chiffon cake batter

How to color your chiffon cake batter without deflating it

How to pipe your batter into different baking tins to create your novelty design

How to bring your pieces together and add the finishing touches for an adorable sushi cake!

The Tasty Recipes You'll Get:

Susanne's light-as-air chiffon cake

What You'll Need:

  Ingredients You'll Need

- Classic chiffon cake ingredients (eggs, egg whites, sugar, flour)

- Gel food coloring 

  Tools You'll Need

- Mixer

- Bakings cups

- Aluminium baking trays

- Piping bags

- Mixing bowls

- Rubber spatulas

Novelty Chiffon Cake Live Tutorial

Single class only


Please note: live tutorials are held on Facebook and are final sale

Register For A Class And Get:

Expert Instructor

With proven methods and years of experience to share! You'll be able to learn from them in real time.


Includes the recipes you’ll need, step x step instructions and even shopping and prep checklists for class! 

Class Recording

All classes are steamed LIVE with a 2 camera view and recorded - the recording is yours to keep forever! 

baking Community

Classes take place in private FB groups so that students can connect, trade tips and succeed together. Welcome home!

Meet Your Teacher 

Susanne NG

  • Over 8 years experience working with chiffon cakes

  • Has written 3 books on chiffon cakes!

  • Over 103K followers on Instagram who love Susanne's chiffon cake creations

  • Fun fact: Susanne holds a doctorate in Biomedical Engineering!




When is the live tutorial?

The live tutorial is happening Friday, July 16th at 6pm EST.  Don't worry if you can't join live though, the recording will  be saved to the group FOREVER so you can watch and re-watch whenever you like!

How long is the live tutorial?

The live tutorial will run for approximately 2 hours! We say approximately because sometimes baking and decorating can be unpredictable so class may run a little late, but we always do our best to stick to the allotted time :) 

Any experience needed to join this class?Is it a beginner, intermediate, or advanced class?

This class is best suited to advanced bakers, who already have some baking knowledge but we welcome any skill level to join! Susanne will guide you through the process step-by-step

Where is the live tutorial being held?

On Facebook! Once you purchase the class you'll  be provided with a link and  password to join the private Facebook group where you'll find your workbook, prep videos, and have access to your teacher to ask any questions you may have. Not to mention a community of people who are just as passionate as you are!

What ingredients will I need to participate?

You’ll need classic baking ingredients (egg whites, sugar, flour, etc.) and gel food colorinng. You'll receive a full list of all the ingredients you need, along with a shopping list after signing up!

What equipment do I need to participate?

Along with an Internet connection you’ll need a mixer, aluminium baking trays, and piping bags. You'll receive a full list of all the tools you need, along with a hyperlinked shopping list after signing up! 

Will I be able to ask questions during the live tutorial?

Absolutely! Ask all your burning chiffon cake questions and Susanne will answer! There will be a member of the How To Cake It team in the live chat to make sure your questions all get answered :) If something comes up after the class you'll also have access to your  teacher in the private Facebook group to ask away!  

Novelty Chiffon Cake Live Tutorial