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Mini Taco Cakes Livestream

Have you been seeing all those “I can’t believe that’s cake!?” videos on Instagram?  Maybe it was a ‘bag of chips’ or a ‘bowl of spaghetti’ - only to be sliced in half to’s cake!

How in the world do they do that!??  

In this fondant-free workshop led by Yolanda - novelty cake master and QUEEN of fooling people with her creations - you’ll learn how to make MINI TACOS out of chocolate cake, ganache, sugar and spice tortillas and sweet toppings!  Fun fact - the right combo of Rice Krispies, chocolate, and jelly beans make for some convincing ‘ground beef filling’. Your friends and family will NOT believe these aren’t the real thing!

No fondant is required for these cakes! If you’ve been curious about trying a NOVELTY caking project that doesn’t require fondant but still has that ‘I can’t believe it’s cake’ factor, these mini tacos are a great way to get started. Plus you can get creative with the treats you have in your pantry to top your tacos! 

Please note:

  • You will need baking sheets and food coloring in order to participate
  • You will need to have you cakes baked and cooled, and modelling chocolate ready ahead of the livestream

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