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Wooden Spoons- 12 inch (3pcs)



  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. Expertly crafted of lightweight yet durable wood, these Klee Utensils Wooden Spoons will provide long-term strength for everyday use. Smooth, rounded edges and a sanded surface ensure a quality product for all your kitchen needs.
  • 3-PIECE SET. Available in you choice of 12-, 14-, 16 and 18-inch lengths, these wooden spoons come in a convenient 3-piece set. Each one is great for mixing, stirring and cooking, making it a great addition to any kitchen.
  • NON-CONDUCTIVE WOOD. Safely stir up hot ingredients while cooking or serve up hot meals. Even when the spoon is sitting in a hot pot or a serving dish, the handle stays cool and won't burn your hand when touching it.
  • NON-ABRASIVE SPOONS. Although the spoons are solid and sturdy, they are gentle against delicate pots and nonstick pans. You can firmly scrape up any food from the bottom of your cookware without having to worry about scratching the surface.
  • GREAT PARTY FAVORS. Classic wooden spoons will never go out of style, no matter what type of kitchen you have. Arrange them into a cake, have them engraved or wrap them up in fancy bows to give out as party favors for guests at a bridal shower.

Publisher: Klee Utensils


Despite what type and size of kitchen you have, and what type of meal you're cooking, a classic wooden spoon is a must-have tool. The durable construction provides long-term use and the comfortable grip makes it the ideal kitchen utensil for all types of cooking. Sold as a 3-piece set, these Klee Utensils Wooden Spoons offer triple the convenience.

While plastic spoons may break or get stained over time, that won't be a problem if you're using this set. These spoons are made using solid wood construction, built to last and serve you well for many years to come. The oval concave bowl allows the user to thoroughly mix, stir, and toss any ingredients during food preparation and while cooking.

Smooth edges and a sanded surface ensure a quality product for all of your cooking needs, while being extremely gentle against your cookware. This wood is soft against your cookware, yet firm enough to allow scraping up food from the bottom of a delicate pot or nonstick pan without scratching the surface to preserve the longevity of your cookware.

Available in 12-, 14-, 16 and 18-inch lengths, each spoon is lightweight and ergonomically designed to make your cooking tasks run more smoothly. A practical and dependable tool, this wooden spoon boasts a classic spoon shape and a stay-cool, smooth handle. Even if the spoon is sitting in a hot pot, you can touch the handle to stir without burning your hand.

Whether you're mixing up ingredients in a bowl, stirring a hot meal in a Dutch oven to prevent sticking, or sauteing some stir-fried vegetables in a wok, these Klee Utensils Wooden Spoons are indispensable kitchen tools. They're also perfect for serving out portions to loved ones when it's time to enjoy eating your scrumptious cuisine. You will be picking up these spoons to stir, mix, saute or serve every time you're in the kitchen.

Package Dimensions: 11.9 x 2.1 x 0.9 inches

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