Holiday Baker's Set

Glitter and sprinkles and flavors, oh my! You can make some holiday magic with these seasonal flavors and decorations. Imagine exciting combinations like edible gold glitter, christmas cracker sprinkles, and a cinnamon spice icing. When it comes to festive holiday bakes, this set is your one stop shop. 


  • Holiday Flavors Set includes concentrated peppermint, orange, caramel, and butter rum flavors (A little goes a long way, so it won't change the texture of your bakes!) 
  • Holiday Bakery Emulsion Set includes water-based cinnamon spice, almond, rum, and raspberry flavors (You can even add these to meringue with no risk of it deflating!)
  • Edible Glitter Bundle includes four colors: white, gold, pink, and teal
  • Holiday Sprinkle Trio includes three designs: Frosted, Trinkets & Toys, and Christmas Crackers

What's Included: 

1x LorAnn Oils Holiday Bakery Emulsion Set

1x LorAnn Oils Holiday Flavors Set

1x Edible Glitter Bundle

1x Holiday Sprinkle Trio


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Select Countries Worldwide rates start at $14.99  


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Holiday Baker's Set