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Halloween Macarons Live Tutorial

Confectionery expert Jyoti Nanra has perfected the French macaron, and with her tricks, you can too (even if your past attempts have looked more like Halloween horror stories). 

In this two hour class, you'll make one classically shaped macaron and one skull-shaped macaron. As you bake, you'll learn to:

  • Make a light, airy macaron mix (aka perfect your macaronage!) 
  • Get the perfect shape
  • Create 2 yummy fillings
  • Troubleshoot common problems
  • Decorate with food coloring and sprinkles 

Master the macaron and make it look devilishly cute while you're at it. Sign up before this class disappears for good. 

*This class is also available as part ofJyoti's October Baking Bundle.