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Halloween Cupcakes Live Tutorial

In her two hour class, confectionary expert Jyoti Nanra will share her secret potion for perfect Halloween cupcakes. From the tri-colored batter to the four-colored frosting, this cupcake creation will put a spell on you (a spell that just might make you a better baker). As you bake, you'll learn to:  

  • Keep distinct colors when working with multi-colored batter
  • Add multiple colors of buttercream to a single piping bag 
  • Pipe buttercream four ways (into a rosette, shell, star, or ruffle pattern) 
  • Decorate with edible glitter
  • Add sprinkles with intention
  • Add the finishing touch with gold leaf

Double, double, toil and trouble, sign up for this class on the double.  

*This class is also available as part ofJyoti's October desserts baking bundle.