Camper's Bundle - Deluxe Edition - The ultimate gear pack for camp cake!

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Bundle and Save - over $18.96 off!

Alright Camp Cakers, this deluxe edition bundle was made just for you and includes the following gear you'll need for our live holiday bake along on December 10th:

1 x 12 pc Circle Cutter Set - you'll need these to make Yo's Elf-Sized cakes!

2 x Cake Toppers - exclusive to How To Cake It, these Whoo Hoo! and Yay! acrylic cake toppers will be used to decorate your Elf-Sized cakes

1 x Ateco 4.2" Straight Spatula - you'll need this to crumb coat your Elf-Sized cakes!

1 x Ateco 4.5" Offset Spatula - perfect for icing and crumb coating any small odd shaped cakes or desserts! 

1 x Sir Squeeze A lot - Yo's Ultimate baking tool - we'll be using this at Camp Cake to flavour our treats and keep your cakes moist!

* Note * Camp Cake registration sold separately. Sign up for Camp Cake

Bag not included.