Camp Cake Watermelon Cake Food Coloring Bundle - 30% Off!

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Bundle and Save over 30% off!

Get ready for our Camp Cake Watermelon Cake Session on Aug 12th with this bundle that has all the colors you need to make your Watermelon Cake look just like Yo's  including:

1 x Roxy and Rich Ivory Fondust (4g)

1 x Roxy and Rich Leaf Green Fondust (4g)

1 x Roxy and Rich Neon Green Fondust (4g)

2 x Rose pink gel food coloring (0.70 oz)

2 x Red Red gel food coloring (0.70 oz)

1 x Limited Edition Camp Cake 2018 Lime Green Drawstring bag


Yo first tried out Roxy & Rich  professional grade products used by pastry chefs, for her Mermaid Tail cake and fell in love with the brand. So she tested our their Fondust - a fantastic water-soluble coloring product that's great for coloring fondant - and found the perfect combination of colors to use to make her famous Watermelon cake look even more real and delicious! Those colors are available in this bundle and is what Yo will be using during the Camp Cake Watermelon Cake session so make sure to have yours on hand!


About Roxy & Rich Fondust

Easy to use, FONDUST® is a microencapsulated food colouring especially designed for colouring food with very low water content. It can be used to colour fondant, sugar work (before or after baking), almond paste, royal icing, buttercream, cake mix, macaroons, decorating gel, candy, etc. Practically everything . . . except pure chocolate. The collection is made up of 36 colours. With FONDUST®, you can achieve very dark colours, like black, red, blue and brown, as well as very bright colours, such as orange, green, pink and violet.


  • Highly concentrated colour
  • Immediate colouring
  • Does not change food consistency
  • UV-resistant colours
  • Edible *
  • Very long lasting