Baker's Basic Bundle

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Baker's Basic Bundle
Baker's Basic Bundle
Baker's Basic Bundle

Let’s get back to the bake-ics. After endless browsing - AHHA - you found the perfect baked goodie recipe to impress your friends and family. As you scroll through the ingredients and supplies, you realize your shopping list is missing a few baking staples.

Our Baker’s Basic Bundle helps aspiring and professional bakers, just like you, create not-so-basic treats and cakes.

If you’ve watched any of the How To Cake It videos, you’ve seen all these tools in action. As a master baker, these are Yo’s go-to, daily tools for every cake she bakes.

- Crumb coat and spread icing with a professional-grade spatula set, use the straight spatula for all cake types and the offset spatula for those tough angles.
- Keep your cakes deliciously fresh and moist with Sir Squeeze-A-Lot & his funnel buddy to perfectly distribute simple syrup.
- Carve beautifully symmetrical mini cakes & consistent decorative designs with the circle cutter set.

What’s in the bundle?

1 x 12 pc Circle Cutter Set
1 x Sir Squeeze A lot
1 x Sir Squeeze's Main Squeeze Funnel
1 x Ateco 4.2" Straight Spatula
1 x Ateco 4.5" Offset Spatula

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Baker's Basic Bundle
Baker's Basic Bundle
Baker's Basic Bundle

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