YOLANDA GAMPP's First ever IRL cake workshop

on APRIL 26th, 2019 from 10-5pm - soFlo cake & candy expo in miami, fl


this is an experience like no other!

In this 7 hour workshop you will each create Yolanda’s YouTube famous CHEESEBURGER CAKE.

This workshop is for you if have a serious interest in massively increasing your novelty cake skills and learning from someone with over 20 years of experience. Whether you cake as a hobby or own a small business, this workshop is a game changer. 

Get ready to take your cake game to a new level - skills you’ll learn with Yolanda include…

  • cake carving
  • crumb coating and icing for the ultimate fondant application
  • applying fondant like a pro and with the smoothest finish
  • making gumpaste vegetable toppings
  • turning modelling chocolate into cheese
  • using things like cereal treats to create burger patties and getting creative with ingredients and methods to achieve a real-life result
  • painting everything to a realistic perfection
  • adding those little secret details that leave people wondering... THAT'S A CAKE!?

As you create your cheeseburger cake, Yolanda will be RIGHT THERE WITH YOU to give hands on instruction when you hit a road block, and answer all your Q&A's! Affectionately called the 'Queen of Cakes' we want you to get as much out of your time with her as you can, and Cake It To The Limit!

ONLY 25 Spots Are Available To Bake With Yolanda - WILL YOU BE ONE OF THEM?

  • ALL the tools and supplies you need will be provided AND...
  • You’ll leave with them packed up in a How To Cake It Backpack (over $60 value!!)
  • You'll spend a whole 7 hours with Yolanda having all your burning cake and baking questions ANSWERED
  • You’ll leave with your own awesome version of Yo's famous Cheeseburger Cake so GET. INSTA. READY.

Yo has been caking up a storm for over 20 years and has taught herself everything she knows - but you don’t have to!! If you LOVE novelty caking either as a hobby or as a business, this is your chance to really take your caking game to the next level and learn from a pro.

Yolanda has appeared on Nailed It, Cake Wars, Best Baker In America, Winner Cake All, Good Morning America, The Today Show and Live with Ryan & Kelly and can’t wait to share her expertise with you.

Yolanda Gampp's first ever irl cake workshop

APRIL 26th from 10-5pm So Flo Cake & Candy Expo in Miami, FL


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is Yo's How To Cake A Cheeseburger With Yolanda Gampp From How To Cake It class happening?

It's happening on April 26th from 10am-5pm... that's 7 FULL hours to cake with Yo!


Q: I bought a ticket to the workshop but I can't make it anymore! Can I get a refund? 

We're so sorry you can't attend anymore. Unfortunately, due to the nature of limited spots and prepayment of supplies, cancellations and/or refunds are not applicable. Please check with a family member or friend to transfer your ticket to someone else who can attend.


Q: Do I need to purchase a General Admission ticket to SoFLo if I'm in the class?

Only classes including How To Cake A Cheeseburger With Yolanda Gampp From How To Cake It are held on Friday. You will need to purchase a general admission ticket if you wish to see the vendors on the weekend. 


Q: I can't make the workshop on April 26th but I still want to meet Yo and ask her a burning cake question!

You still can! Yo will be at SoFlo all weekend (April 27th & 28th) and doing a meet & greet - get your tickets HERE!


Q: What if the date doesn't work for me? Will Yo have another meet and greet?

We're always trying to meet our YoYos! Unfortunately we only have a few meet and greet time slots at SoFLo so be sure to stop by the How To Cake It booth and say hi! Stay tuned for upcoming meet and greets in a city near you!


Q: I'm not an expert baker, can I still register in Yo's Cheeseburger class to cake with Yo?

Yes, of course! This class is for cakers of all skill levels - beginner to expert!


Q: I registered for Yo's class and I'm in! What do I need to bring?

Congratulations, bring your enthusiasm and burning cake Q's! All of the tools and supplies you need will be provided AND you'll leave with them packed up in a How To Cake It backpack (over $60 value!).