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An inspiring “cakebook” filled with fun and irresistible new recipes from Yolanda Gampp, co-creator and host of the wildly popular and award-winning YouTube channel “How to Cake It”

On How to Cake It, Yolanda creates mind-blowing cakes in every shape imaginable. From cakes shaped like foods, such as a watermelon and a Thanksgiving turkey, to cakes shaped like oversize everyday objects, such as a giant nail polish bottle and a Rubik’s Cube, Yolanda’s creations are fun and realistic. Now, Yo brings her friendly, offbeat charm and caking expertise to this colorful cakebook, filled with imaginative and totally new cakes to make at home.

How to Cake It: A Cakebook includes directions for making twenty-one jaw-dropping cakes that are dazzling and delicious, including astonishing new creations and fan favorites with a fresh twist. As a self-taught cake artist, Yolanda has spent years perfecting her now-coveted recipes and tips and tricks for making magic out of cake, buttercream, and imagination. In this book she guides you through every step, from mixing batter to adding the finishing touches, for cakes at every skill level. Cake your first steps with easy, kid-friendly cakes (basic carving and simple tricks for getting started with fondant), then cake it up a notch with more challenging designs (a bit more carving and some amazing fondant details), and finally cake it to the limit and amaze your friends with show-stopping aspirational cakes (carving, painting, and fine gum-paste details).

Whatever the celebration, Yolanda has the perfect creation, including her never-before-seen Giant Candy Apple cake, Party Hat cake, Rainbow Grilled Cheesecake, Toy Bulldozer cake, Taco cake and Golden Pyramid cake, which features a secret treasure chamber.

Written in her inspiring, encouraging voice and filled with clear, easy-to-follow instructions, How to Cake It: A Cakebook will turn beginners into confident cake creators, and bold bakers into caking superstars!