How can I order a cake?

Unfortunately at this time Yolanda and the How To Cake It Team are not accepting any orders for cakes but we are working on something very sweet - so please stayed tuned for an exciting update on How To Cake It cakes and treats coming in 2020!

What happens to all of the cakes after filming?

This question gets asked A LOT - but don’t worry, none of that delicious cake is going to waste! All of the cakes end up being shared with team members, friends, family, and neighbors - there is always someone in the kitchen who wants to take a sweet treat home.  Some of the cakes are also made for special events or guests so we get to share those with tons of friends too!

I have an amazing cake idea, how can I get it to Yo?

We LOVE hearing cake ideas from our community, and we draw tons of inspiration from the wild creations you guys have asked for. The best place to leave your suggestions is in the comment section of our videos, or on social media -we’re always on the lookout! On instagram please send in your ideas and requests to @yolanda_gampp or @howtocakeit.

Can I request a special visit from Yo?

Filming videos for our YouTube channel, and chasing after a young son leave Yo with not a whole lot of extra time!Unfortunately, we aren’t able to respond to requests for special event appearances as of right now. However, if your How To Cake It fan has a special event coming up, or is in need of some extra loveand joy - we love making magic happen for our fans - just reach out and we’ll hook you up with a sweet surprise :) 

Will you give me a shoutout in the next episode?

We’re so happy that you’re a loyal How To Cake It viewer, and we’d be nothing without our sweet community, however we are unable to respond to requests for special shoutouts in our episodes at this time. But please do engage in the comments section on YouTube and Yolanda may be just reply and shout you out there!

Where can I find Yo’s recipes?

All of Yo’s recipes are available FOR FREE on! Just click “recipes” in the navigation, or search for your fave :) 

What are the benefits of simple syrup?

Novelty or highly decorated cakes can take a long time, and in that time cake has a tendency to dry out - gross! Simple syrup helps ensure cakes stay moist through the lengthy decorating process, and can even add an extra hit of flavour like lemon, coffee, or lavender! 

Do you have a gluten free/vegan recipe?

While we understand that many people have certain dietary restrictions, Yo does not feel comfortable publishing a recipe that hasn’t been thoroughly tested. There are many great online resources that will distinguish substitutions in our already tried and true recipes though! As we continue to grow How To Cake It and work with other talented bakers and artists, we may start to expand our content and recipe offerings, so stay tuned!

Help! My recipe isn’t working!

Remember, baking is a science and it’s important to follow recipes carefully. However, sometimes stuff just happens, especially when you’re trying something out for the first time -but don’t worry, we’re here to help! The easiest way to get help troubleshooting is by asking your questions on our social media channels - our cakemunity is always willing to lend a caking hand! 

Will Yo be doing a meet and greet near me?

We love meeting you all and strive to meet as many of our YoYo’s as possible every year. We are really hoping to visit more cities in 2020 so please be sure to sign up for our email list, and stay tuned to our YouTube episodes to find out if Yo will be visiting a city near you! 

Can I take a class with Yo?

There is nothing that we love more than teaching others how to make sweet creations in the kitchen! While we like to think of our weekly episodes as mini classes, we know it’s not quite the same, which is why we hold livestream baking events twice a year where you can bake with Yo right in the comfort of your own kitchen! Stay tuned to our weekly episodes and email list for more details.