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Camp Cake Holiday 2018!

LIVE STREAM: December 15, 2018 at 11am ET

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VIP Early Bird pricing ends THIS Friday, November 16th at 11:59pm ET.

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This is an experience like no other.

Not only are we going to bake these MEGA holiday treats together...

I’m going to hang out with you and the whole #CampCakeSquad...

We’re gonna spend a whole day together on this private live stream...

You’re gonna get to peek right over my shoulder...

We’re gonna LAUGH... 😂

...have a TON of fun... 🎉

And bake 🎂 some memories together during Camp Cake Holiday 2018!

What is Camp Cake Holiday 2018?

Camp Cake is a fun-filled day with me (Yolanda Gampp) in an intimate and exclusive 1-Day ONLY live stream on Facebook.

You will create these three super fun baking projects with me from the comfort of your own kitchen:

  • Winter Hat Cake (Toque Cake): My super popular winter hat cake is perfect for the chilly season - everything’s better when it’s cake anyway!
  • Sugar Cookie Mittens: How about some mittens to go with your new hat? Let’s make some sugar cookies!
  • Rice Krispie Ornaments: Put some “yum” in holiday decor!

Who’s This For?

  • Parents & grandparents looking for a fun family holiday activity to do with the kids
  • Aspiring bakers who want to learn Yo’s baking and decorating secrets
  • Friends looking for a fun weekend baking party with their besties
  • Anyone looking to get into the holiday spirit, have some fun, laugh, and bake some MEGA holiday treats to share with family and friends.



We've run Camp Cake 4 times now... and every time over 50% of Campers beg us to offer a deal on the specific baking tools you need for the big day...

So we wanted to make it even more accessible for you, that's why Campers get an exclusive 25% off promo code on the supplies.

Of course, it’s completely optional and you are absolutely free to use your own tools. We’ll give you the full workbook filled with all the ingredients and tools you need to follow me along.

Regular: $50

VIP Early Bird: $25

(YOU SAVE 50%!)

Register for Camp Cake

VIP Early Bird pricing ends THIS Friday, November 16th at 11:59pm ET.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Camp Cake Holiday 2018?

A: Camp Cake is a one-day live stream baking camp on Facebook hosted by Yolanda. You will get to create incredible baking projects WITH Yolanda from the comfort of your own kitchen!  She will spend the entire day walking you through step by step, answering questions, and taking your baking to THE NEXT LEVEL!

It’s typically around 7 hours of baking fun, lots of laughs, and a fantastic community of other campers in the #CampCakeSquad.

Not to worry, you’re not baking non-stop! There’s lots of breaks built-in throughout the day to just chill with other Campers and break time to have a meal.


Q: When is Camp Cake Holiday 2018?

A: Saturday, December 15th from 11am to 6pm EST.


Q: What should I expect when I register for Camp Cake?

A: Great Question! Here is a play by play!

Once you register for Camp Cake, we will send you an email with important information about how to get into the private Facebook group and how to download your promised bonuses.

This step is SUPER important because the private Facebook group is where you’ll be hanging out with me during the Live Stream and where you connect with other campers!

We’ll give you a digital Camp Cake Holiday 2018 Workbook with all the details about camp, including the ingredients and tools you’ll need and more!

It’s VERY important to have this workbook printed out and ready to use as a resource throughout your Camp Cake experience!

Then... get prepping! You will need to spend the time leading up to Camp Cake getting all your ingredients and tools ready! Feel free to ask questions in the Facebook Group and we’ll happily help!

When Camp Cake starts on December 15th, it’s BAKE TIME!

Come ready to learn, play and have fun! Be sure to have drinks and snacks handy to keep you energized throughout the day and a meal ready during break time!


Q: What If the date doesn't work for me? Will there be a replay?

Can't make it live? No worries! You will get UNLIMITED access to the replay to watch whenever is easy and convenient for you. 

That's the best part... buy it once, and you get access to Camp Cake Holiday 2018 forever!

PLUS: Yo will be available on the private Facebook group to answer all your baking questions throughout the duration of Camp Cake Holiday 2018!


Q: What will I need for Camp Cake?

Everything you need will be listed in the digital Camp Cake Holiday 2018 Workbook that you’ll find in the Private Facebook Group once you register, and campers are responsible for providing their own ingredients and tools. Everything can be sourced at your local grocers and craft/baking supply stores (like Michaels). We’ll also be offering Camp Cake Bundles to help get you set up!


Q: How can I find out more about Camp Cake?

Do you have any questions about Camp Cake that we didn't answer here? You can email us:!

what do past campers have to say about camp cake?

You know it’s an EPIC day when over 50% of Past Campers come back each year for Camp Cake!

Here are just a few comments from Happy Campers...

Regular: $50

VIP Early Bird: $25

(YOU SAVE 50%!)


VIP Early Bird pricing ends THIS Friday, November 16th at 11:59pm ET.