Camp Cake is back!

And this time we’re transforming your kitchen into a holiday bakeshop! Don't worry fellow bakers, we're not talking about outdoorsy camp with sunburns, and running, and sweating. We're talking about a virtual camp just for us, with piping bags, and frosting, and most importantly - cake!


How do I sign up?

Camp Cake is now on sale on at our early-bird price until November 10th. Sign up here


What is Camp Cake?  

It’s a one-day live stream baking camp on Facebook where Yolanda will walk you through some of her favourite holiday recipes in real time, and you can bake along with her from the comfort of your own kitchen!

We'll be making: 

- TWO Elf-Sized Chocolate Candy Cane Cakes! 

- Strawberry Santa Hats!

- A Festive Fudge Wreath! 


When is Camp Cake?

December 10th!

Camp Cake will take place on  Saturday December 10th. Campers should be prepared to spend 6 hours in their kitchens while they bake along with Yo! To give our campers time to catch up, rest, and grab a snack we'll be having a one hour break in our programming. Our day at Camp Cake will look like this:

11am EST - 2pm EST: Live-Stream Holiday Baking With Yolanda

2pm EST - 3pm EST: Break! 

3pm EST - 6pm EST: Live-Stream Holiday Baking With Yolanda


How much will Camp Cake cost?

 All Camp Cake purchases will include a FREE revised version of my Holiday Baking Hacks eBook - coming soon! 

$19.99 from November 1st-10th - EARLY BIRD DEAL (For The First Ten Days ONLY!)
$24.99 from November 11th-25th - Regular Registration
$27.99 from November 26th-December 2nd - Last Minute Registration

Please note that campers will be expected to provide their own baking materials. You can find a list of the ingredients & tools needed right here


What should I expect when I register for Camp Cake?

Campers will get access to a private Facebook Group where you can watch the live stream with Yo, and interact with her in real time while you bake!

You will also be sent a digital workbook with all ingredients and tools you will need, detailed recipes for the cakes you'll be baking at Camp Cake, and more! 

You’ll need to have this workbook printed out and ready to use as a resource throughout your Camp Cake experience!

Can't make it live? Once you register for Camp Cake you will get access to the exclusive videos on the Facebook page even after Camp is over!  So you can watch them whenever, and however many times you like. :)  We know baking takes practice!  Yo will also be available on the private Facebook group to answer all your baking questions!


When can I register for Camp Cake?

Early Bird Registration is November 1st to 10th.  Our Regular Registration period then goes until November 25th. There will be a Last Minute registration period available until December 2nd, for a slightly elevated cost.


What will I need for Camp Cake?

We will be providing you with a public list of all the ingredients and tools that you'll need for one day of digital baking with Yolanda! Check it out here! Exact quantities will be listed in the workbook when you purchase Camp Cake.  As mentioned above, campers are responsible for providing their own ingredients and tools.


How can I find out more about Camp Cake?

Do you have any questions about Camp Cake that we didn't answer here? You can email us at! If you want to get more Camp Cake info straight to your inbox (including a message to remind you that registration has opened), please provide your email here: