Camp Cake is back!

July 29th & August 1st




What is Camp Cake?

Camp Cake is a one-day live stream baking camp on Facebook hosted by Yolanda. You will create TWO incredible baking projects WITH Yolanda from the comfort of your own kitchen!  She will spend the entire day walking you through step by step, answering questions, and taking your baking to THE NEXT LEVEL!


When is Camp Cake?

July 29th OR August 1st between 11am and 7pm EST.  That’s right you get TWO dates to choose from!  On both dates, we will be making the exact same baking projects - so choose the date that works best for YOU!  **And don’t worry, there will be breaks!

Our day at Camp Cake will look like this:

11:00 AM EST - 2:30 PM EST: Live-Stream Summer Baking With Yolanda

2:30 PM EST - 3:00 PM EST: Break!

3:00 PM EST - 6:30 PM EST: Live-Stream Summer Baking With Yolanda


What Are We Making?

Taco Cakes - An exclusive cake of Yo’s never before seen by ANYONE! ***Pssst, these awesome, easy to make Taco Cakes will be making their big debut in Yolanda’s upcoming How To Cake It CakeBook!  You can pre-order a copy HERE!

Summer Sundae Cupcakes - A How To Cake It favourite!

How much will Camp Cake cost?

$19.99 from June 27th - July 3rd - EARLY BIRD PRICING HAS ENDED

$24.99 from June 27th - July 3rd  - FLASH SALE HAS ENDED

$26.99 from July 18th - July 23rd - Last Minute Registration!

Please note that campers will be expected to provide their own baking materials.


How do I sign up?

Camp Cake is ON SALE NOW and you can sign up here!

Sign up for July 29th Sign up for August 1st


What should I expect when I register for Camp Cake?

Great Question!  Here is a play by play!

  • Once you register for the date you want, be on the lookout for an EMAIL from us shortly after with important information - be sure to check your SPAM folders!
  • In the email you will find a link to our PRIVATE Facebook Group - Click it and request access!  This step is KEY!  It is where you’ll be hanging out with Yolanda during the LIVE STREAM and where you can connect with all the other campers!   There will be additional info in this email about how to troubleshoot getting access.
  • Once you’re in our Private Facebook Group, you will find a digital Camp Cake Workbook waiting for you to download. It’s filled with all of the ingredients and tools you will need on the day of, and much more!  It’s VERY important to have this workbook printed out and ready to use as a resource throughout your Camp Cake experience!
  • Then---get prepping!  You will need to spend the time leading up to Camp Cake getting all your ingredients and tools ready!  Feel free to ask questions in the Facebook Group and we will help wherever we can (:  We have created a few Camp Cake Bundles you may be interested in (:   Get your Camp Cake bundles here! 
  • When Camp Cake starts, it’s BAKE TIME! Come ready to learn, play and have fun!!  Be sure to have drinks and snacks handy to keep you energized throughout the day, and a meal ready during break time!


What will I need for Camp Cake?

Everything will be in the digital Camp Cake Workbook that you’ll find in the Facebook Group once you register, and campers are responsible for providing their own ingredients and tools. Everything can be sourced at your local grocers and craft/baking supply stores (like Michaels). AND don’t forget about our Camp Cake Bundles!  


How can I find out more about Camp Cake?

Do you have any questions about Camp Cake that we didn't answer here? You can email us at! If you want to get more Camp Cake info sent straight to your inbox (including a message to remind you that registration has opened), please provide your email here: