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Zodiac Sprinkles Fire Elements Bundle

Add an extra hit of ūüĒ• to your baking with these fierce and fiery blends!

Our Zodiac Sprinkles have been custom blended to fully encompass the traits of each sign. Fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are filled with spontaneity, inspiration, and big passion which is perfectly reflected in these hot mixes! Crunchy jimmies, candy coated chocolates, custom confettiquins, metallics,  and glitters have all been used to make  each blend as special as the sign it represents.

  • 3 x 8oz bottle perfect for jazzing up your treats
  • Vibrant, crunchy sprinkles with fancy metallic additions
  • Made in Canada

Includes: 8oz Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius custom sprinkle medleys 

*Contains MILK, SOY & WHEAT. May also contain trace amounts of eggs & tree nuts. The metallic dragées contain silver colour classified as edible in Canada, Europe and most other countries, but not yet approved by the FDA (USA). Metallic dragées are considered for decorative purposes only in the USA.


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