Holiday Cookies Digital Activity Book

Get into the holiday spirit and amp up your classic cookies with these fun and festive designs ❄️🍪

Decorated sugar cookies are a true labor of love, and the perfect way to unleash your creativity! We know how complicated these sweet treats can look on the surface, but our guru Megan Warne is here to break it down for you into easy to follow steps. 

The foundational skills learned in this digital activity book can be applied to all of your next cookie projects:

  • 6 fresh cookie designs with hand-cutting templates!
  • How to turn basic cutter shapes into dimensional works of art
  • Tips for getting perfectly puffy icing
  • How to master your fine linework details
  • Step-by-step instructions for lettering without a projector
  • Illustrated guides to walk you through the process from a-z!

Digital Book With Holiday Cutters Includes: 

1 x digital activity book with hand cutting templates

1 x Holiday Cookie Cutter Pack (Gingerbread Man, Tree, Candy Cane)

Digital Book Without Holiday Cutters Includes:

1 x digital activity book with hand cutting templates