Monthly Sprinkle Service

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Monthly Sprinkle Service
Monthly Sprinkle Service
Monthly Sprinkle Service
Monthly Sprinkle Service

On a cool night, the kitchen is hot, you’re grooving to your favourite tunes and baking up a storm. It’s time to add the final touches, you swing open your baking supply cupboard to find there are no sprinkles in sight. Instant mood changer.

Our Monthly Sprinkle Service will help you make sure you never experience a sprinkle drought again. Every single month, delivered to your doorstep, you’ll receive exclusive, hand-picked and custom-blended How To Cake It x Sweetapolita artisan sprinkle mixes you can’t find anywhere else.

You’ll also receive cake and/or treat recipes with photos that feature the monthly sprinkle mix for some creative inspiration.

Sprinkle a little more colourful fun into your life by joining our Monthly Sprinkle Service.


These Are My Caking Sprinkles
8 oz bottle

Do you ever realize that your treats could use a little extra oomph, only to dig into your cupboard and realize that none of your sprinkles feel quite right? Thats one of my worst nightmares! That’s why this is the PERFECT blend. A rainbow of crunchy jimmies, nonpareils, and candy coated chocolate chips all get anchored by white star and circle confettiquins making a medley that go with almost anything. Think of this bottle as the “little black dress” of sprinkles!



Important Information

This is a monthly subscription and you will automatically be billed once a month. Membership can be canceled at any time with 30 days notice. If membership is canceled after your monthly package arrives, you’ll be billed for that cycle and your membership will be canceled before the next shipment.

Please Note: Sprinkles cannot be returned.

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Monthly Sprinkle Service
Monthly Sprinkle Service
Monthly Sprinkle Service
Monthly Sprinkle Service

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