Bake To The Future Mix 'Em Up Sticker


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What cakes will “they” bake in the future? Use that thought as your inspiration next time you are hunting for some cake creativity. Hey, in 1985 handheld computers were a sci-fi pipe dream and look at us now. Now go on and bake to the future!

This is NOT your everyday sticker! Stick and re-stick them ANYWHERE! Reuseable, durable, and buttercream proof, this decal can stick on virtually any surface and leave NO RESIDUE! So go ahead and stick ‘em on:

- Appliances // stand mixers, hand mixers, fridges, dishwashers
- Glass // windows, microwave doors, glass bowls
- Electronics // laptops, cell phones
- Other //walls, water bottles, even sir squeeze

Customize and decorate your caking space with this FUN stickers!

Measures 6.25"W x 3"H

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