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Duration: 2.5 hours

Skill level: Intermediate

Core skills: rich buttercream hues &  painting

  • Duration:  2.5 hours

  • Skill level: Intermediate

  • Core skills:  rich buttercream hues & painting

In This Live Tutorial, You Will Learn:

How to achieve rich buttercream colors & a smooth finish

How to "paint" with buttercream to create a floral motif

How to top your cake and add additional details

All of Lindsay's tips, tricks, and secrets to working with mini cakes

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Moody Floral

Mini Cake

Jan 30th • 6PM EST

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  • 250K+ followers on Instagram who are obsessed with Lindsay’s buttercream skills and whimsical creativity

  • Featured on Buzzfeed and Popsugar

  • Over 3 years experience, Lindsay turned her hobby into a business in 2017

  • Fun Fact: Lindsay is currently in university studying to become a radiation therapist!



Past Students Loved Learning From Lindsay Arathoon!

  Ingredients You'll Need

- Classic chocolate cake ingredients (butter, sugar, eggs, flour, cocoa powder)

- Classic buttercream ingredient (egg whites, sugar, butter)

- Cherry filling ingredients  (cherries, cornstarch, sugar, water)

- Gel food coloring

- Decorations of your choice like fresh fruit & florals

  Tools You'll Need

- Stand mixer

- 4" cake pans OR a sheet pan & 4" round cutter

- Large serrated knife

- Offset spatula

- Cake scraper

- Mixing bowls

- Rubber spatula

- Cake boards

- Turntable

Remember, You Get Access To The Tutorial Recording After The Stream So You Can Watch On Your Own Time!


When is the live tutorial?

The live tutorial is happening Saturday, January 30th at 1pm EST. Don't worry if you can't join live though, the recording will be saved to the group FOREVER so you can watch and re-watch whenever you like!

How long is the live tutorial?

The live tutorial will run for approximately 2.5 hours! We say approximately because sometimes baking and decorating can be unpredictable so class may run a little late, but we always do our best to stick to the allotted time :) 

Any experience needed to join this class?Is it a beginner, intermediate, or advanced class?

This live tutorial is appropriate for all levels, but intermediate bakers will really refine their skills learning how to create these rich buttercream hues, working with a mini cake, and palette painting with Lindsay's expert guidance

Where is the live tutorial being held?

On Facebook! Once you purchase the class you'll be provided with a link and password to join the private Facebook group where you'll find your workbook, prep videos, and have access to your teacher to ask any questions you may have. Not to mention a community of people who are just as passionate as you are!

What ingredients will I need to participate?

You will need classic chocolate cake ingredients like cocoa powder, sugar, flour, butter and eggs, along with buttercream ingredients like sugar, egg whites, and butter. In addition, you'll need gel food coloring, and the decorations of your choice. You will also receive detailed instructions after you register, so you’re ready for the livestream.

What equipment do I need to participate?

Along with an Internet connection you’ll need  a mixer, 4" round cake pans, a rubber spatula, off set  spatula, turn table, and cake boards. Your workbook will also outline a full list of tools required  so you're ready before the stream!

Will I be able to ask questions during the live tutorial?

Absolutely! Ask all your burning cake questions and Lindsay will answer! There will be a member of the How To Cake It team in the live chat to make sure your questions all get answered :) If something comes up before/after the class you'll also have access to your teacher in the private Facebook group to ask away!  

Moody Floral Mini Cake Live Tutorial