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80's Cakesicles Live Baking Tutorial

What’s the sweetest treat you can put on a stick? Cake! (A-duh!) ⚡️🍰 

In this 2-hour Facebook live tutorial, sweets artist Johany Torres Maya - aka Instagram’s cakesicle queen! - will show how to make cakesicles from scratch and decorate them to the max...80’s style! Everything you love about the 80’s - neon colors, boom boxes, and nintendo - you'll cakefy! 

Regular ol’ cakesicles? As IF! Johany will show you how to add fondant and modelling chocolate details to your designs to make them look seriously rad. 📼 🌈 ⚡️

These cakesicles are a blast from the past, so get ready to bake it back to 1986!