Bench Scraper


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Bench Scraper
Bench Scraper
Bench Scraper

Your flavourful buttercream is great the way it is! But when you want to use it to frost a cake, your tasty creation can quickly turn messy. That’s when the trusty Bench Scraper tool comes in handy. Use it to gracefully coat your buttercream across tall and/or straight cakes while impressing friends and family with your smooth decorative skills.

Don’t let its simple look fool you, this go-to tool for pastry chefs and novice bakers does much more than make frosting wrinkle-free:

- Cut clean-edged fondant & easily wrap polished looking cakes & treats.
- Collect fine ingredients off your cutting board like flours, sugars and cocoas.
- Lift fondant & dough easier and without those annoying tears.
- Clean leftover mess off your workstation and into the trash without dirtying yet another rag.

What’s included?

1 X 6 inch professional-grade Ateco Bench Scraper with wooden handle and stainless steel blade.

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Bench Scraper
Bench Scraper
Bench Scraper

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