If you want to add even more watermelon flavour to your Watermelon Cake, you can whip up a quick batch of Watermelon Simple Syrup. And if you've already got a watermelon on hand as a model for your fondant painting, you should already have all the ingredients! 


Making Watermelon Simple Syrup

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need! 

1 cup granulated sugar

1 cup water

Fresh Watermelon


Simple Syrup Squeeze Bottle

Chef’s Knife

Cutting Board



Let’s Make Our Simple Syrup!

Boil sugar in water over medium high heat until sugar is completely dissolved. Allow simple syrup to cool completely in pan. Set aside at room temperature.

Now Let’s Make It Watermelon Simple Syrup!

Cut your fresh watermelon, and scoop out the flesh.

Chop the watermelon finely using your chef’s knife until it’s nearly a mash. Note: if your watermelon has seeds, save them for plating.

Mix the fresh watermelon with a ¼ cup simple syrup.

Pour into your Simple Syrup Squeeze Bottle, or into a bowl.