To me, Key Lime Pie will always be the ultimate summer treat. It’s cool, it’s refreshing, it’s tart, it’s sweet. It’s perfect. I find that especially in the hot weather, I lean more toward fresh, tart desserts than rich and heavy sweets.

I’m taking this summer favourite to the next level with my Key Lime Pie Mega Cake. I’m tripling my classic Key Lime Pie recipe, and sandwiching two whole pies between layers of key lime infused vanilla cake. I’m holding it all together with a tangy, sweet key lime buttercream, and topping it with clusters of mini tarts and brûléed meringue. Your guests’ jaws are going to drop when you pull this out at your next barbecue.



Where Do I Buy My Ingredients & Tools?

It's summer - relax! Let me take care of the shopping...I've organized all of my supplies in a Parsel page for you right here


Baking Your Vanilla Cakes!  

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

4 lb portion of Yo’s Ultimate Vanilla Cake - find my recipe here

3 x 8” Round Cake Pans, lined with parchment paper

Prepare your batter and pour evenly between your prepared pans. Bake according to my handy baking chart here, or until a toothpick comes out clean. I baked these at 40 minutes at 350º, but every oven is different.

Allow the cakes to cool completely in their pans.


Baking Your Key Lime Pies & Mini Tarts!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

3 x Yo’s Key Lime Pie - find my recipe right here

2 x 8” Round Cheesecake Pans, with removable bottom

6 x 3” Fluted Tart Pans, with removable bottom

We want these pies to be cool and firm by the time we start stacking this Key Lime Mega Cake, so to make life easier, I suggest making your Key Lime pies and tarts one day ahead.


Press the crumbs into the sides of the cheesecake pans half way up, and fill the bottom. I used a 4” round cake pan to press the crumbs in firmly.

Bake the chocolate cookie crusts for 15 minutes at 350º.  Once cooled, pour in your prepared filling.  

Bake the six tarts for 10 minutes, and the two pies for 25 minutes.

Allow the pies and tarts to cool completely at room temperature.  Chill them in the fridge for at least 3 hours or overnight.



Whipping Up Key Lime Buttercream!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

Lime Curd - find my recipe here, substituting lime juice and zest for lemon.

Italian Meringue Buttercream - find my recipe here

Wilton Kelly Green Icing Color

Mixing Bowls

Rubber Spatula



Gently fold your lime curd into your buttercream using a rubber spatula. You can do this to taste, but I used about half my batch of lime curd.




Even though limes are green, they don’t really overtake the yellow colour of the egg yolk used in my curd recipe, so your lime buttercream will actually look a bit yellow. To freshen up the colour of my buttercream, I separated a smaller portion of my buttercream and mixed in some Wilton Kelly Green. Once I was happy with the colour, I folded my green buttercream back into the larger portion in small batches. You can always add more colour, but you can’t take it away if it gets too vibrant.



Building You Key Lime Mega Cake!  

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

Simple Syrup - find my recipe here

Lime Juice


Serrated Knife

Rubber Spatula

Small Offset Spatula

Prepare your simple syrup according to my recipe here, replacing the lemon juice with lime juice.


Remove your vanilla cakes from their pans, and level them with a ruler and serrated knife. You can watch me do this here. Cut the caramelization off the top and bottom. Give them a gentle shower with your lime simple syrup on both sides of the cake and allow it to soak into the cakes.


For cakes this tall, I find it easier to build them directly on my cake plate rather than transferring them once complete. We don’t want to lose any of this delicious. I start by placing one of my vanilla cakes onto my cake plate and spreading a layer of my lime buttercream on top. Then carefully place your first key lime pie onto the vanilla cake. Add just a touch more lime buttercream to the top of your pie. This will act as glue for the vanilla cake on top.

Repeat this process so that your final cake looks like this:

Cake, Pie. Cake, Pie, Cake



Add a final layer of lime buttercream to the top of your Key Lime Mega Cake.

Topping Your Key Lime Mega Cake!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

Meringue - find my recipe here

Piping Bag

#825 Star Piping Tip

#20 Star Piping Tip

Brûlée torch

Make your meringue with 5 of the egg whites you have left over from your lime curd, according to my recipe here. Your finished meringue should be stiff and fluffy.


Pile your mini tarts on top of your Key Lime Mega Cake, leaving some whole, and cutting the rest into itty bitty pie slices.




Pipe your meringue onto the uncut mini tarts using a #825 star piping tip, and onto the teeny cut pies using a #20 star piping tip. Aren’t they the cutest?


I toast my meringue using my trusty brûlée torch, Burnie, just until I see golden brown. As a final touch, I decided to embrace the chocolate cookie crust crumbs, and scatter some on top of the cake. It was just too hard to keep them off. Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow. That’s what summer’s all about right? Being chill.

Now invite over all your friends, and dig in. Although I wouldn’t blame you if one of the mini tarts disappeared before your party. I mean, taste testing is important. ;)