Summer is all about friends, fun, and frosting! And when I found out that one of my favourite bakers (and the Queen of Cupcakes) Nick from The Scran Line was coming all the way from Australia to Canada, I knew we had to work together.


He is seriously a cupcake genius, so I wanted to let him inspire me. I’m making a giant version of his Mint Chocolate Freakshake Cupcake. Think of it as the ultimate carnival milkshake, all stuffed into a single cupcake! Fair food just seems to get more extreme with every passing year, so we had to take it up a notch. This cupcake is sure to transport you to a county fair. My giant version will feature layers of mint chocolate and chocolate cake, mint and chocolate buttercream, Nick’s chocolate sauce. All topped off with a giant donut, a giant truffle, and a handful of pink cotton candy.


Where Do I Buy My Ingredients & Tools??


Tracking down supplies for such a big caking project can be a serious hassle, so I hope I can make it a little bit easier for you by listing all of my shoppable ingredients & tools for this cake right here

Baking Your Cakes!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

4lb + 6lb Yo’s Ultimate Vanilla Cake - find my recipe here

6lb + 6lb Yo’s Ultimate Chocolate Cake - find my recipe here

2 x 12” Round Cake Pans, lined with parchment paper

10” Round Cake Pan, lined with parchment paper

3 x 9” Round Cake Pans, lined with parchment paper

8” Round Cake Pan, lined with parchment paper

Wilton Kelly Green Icing Color

1 1/2 cups Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips


Prepare your vanilla cake batter according to my recipe, and mix in Wilton Kelly Green Icing Color. I used my eye to get it as close to Nick’s cupcake as possible. Even though Nick’s cupcake has peppermint oil in the batter, I opted to only add peppermint to my buttercream. I find that peppermint in cakes can be overwhelming, and I like the way buttercream carries the flavour, unlike in a cupcake where it’s a perfect little bite.

Let’s fill our pans with batter. With each pan, fill half the pan with your green vanilla batter, sprinkle on a layer of semi sweet chocolate chips, and then fill in the rest of the batter. We’re only putting chocolate chips in the vanilla batter.

Divide your green vanilla batter among your parchment paper lined pans like so:

3 lbs in your 12” round pan

2.5 lbs in your 10” round pan

2.5 lbs in your 9” round pan

2 lbs in your 8” round pan

Prepare your chocolate batter according to my recipe and divide among your prepared pans like so:

4 lbs in your 12” round pan

3.5 lbs in each of your 9” round pans

Bake all cakes at 350 degrees according to my handy baking charts, and use the toothpick test to ensure that they’re completely cooked through.

Allow your cakes to cool completely in their pans.

Sculpting Your Cake into a Giant Cupcake!

Ingredients & Tools  You Will Need:

Italian Meringue Buttercream - find my recipe here

Chocolate Buttercream - find my recipe here

Simple Syrup - find my recipe here

Wilton Kelly Green Icing Color

Peppermint Extract

1 cup Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips


Serrated knife

Small Serrated Knife

Offset Spatula

Small Offset Spatula

Icing Spatula

Bench Scraper

Remove all of your cakes from their pans and level them using a ruler and a serrated knife. You can watch me do this here. Cut the caramelization off of the bottom of the vanilla cakes as well, but you can leave the bottoms on the chocolate cakes.

Our chocolate cakes are going to turn into our towering piped chocolate icing on our Giant Cupcake. I took my chocolate cakes and used a small serrated knife to trim all around the top and bottom to give them a curved look. I want their shape to mimic icing piped from a round tip.

Give both your chocolate and vanilla cakes a simple syrup shower.




Time to turn our buttercream into mint buttercream! Dye your buttercream with the Wilton Kelly Green to match your cakes. Then gently fold in the peppermint extract to taste.


Begin stacking your vanilla cakes, starting with the biggest, and working your way down. Spread a layer of mint buttercream on your largest cake, then sprinkle with chocolate chips before adding the next layer of cake. Repeat this process until all of your vanilla cakes are stacked and filled. Chill your cake for 20 minutes.


While your vanilla cake is chilling, crumb coat your chocolate cakes with chocolate buttercream and give them a chill as well.

Start carving your vanilla chocolate chip cakes into an A-line shape. We’re turning them into our cupcake base! I did this by resting a 7” round cake pan on top, and marking a circle around it with a knife. Then I carved down to meet my 12” round cake at the bottom, making sure that all the caramelized edges are removed.

Give your vanilla chocolate chip cake a crumb coat with green buttercream, and chill it. Then give it one final ice using a bench scraper to get it nice and smooth, and return to the fridge.




I want you to prepare yourself for the next step. I created an invention. It might be my greatest caking achievement since the Turkey Skinator. I cut out a piece of plastic with the intention of turning it into a cake comb, but then I realized how bendy it was! I figured it would be the perfect tool for making my chocolate buttercream appear as though it had been piped out of a giant piping tip. I iced my chocolate cakes with chocolate buttercream, and then smoothed them out with the plastic, making sure to leave some of the texture behind. Then I placed them in the fridge to chill.



Making a Giant Rice Krispie Donut & Truffle!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

45 Marshmallows

6 cups Rice Krispie Cereal

Vegetable Shortening

1/2 Donut Pan

Rolling Pin

If you’re a long time How To Cake It viewer, then you know that replacing components with Rice Krispie treats really isn’t my style. However, there are instances that it makes sense for. Because of the angle of the giant donut, a real cake donut would be far too heavy to stay up there, so I had to replace it with something lighter.

Take your marshmallows and put them in the microwave until puffy. Stir together, and then stir in your cereal. Press the rice krispie mixture into a well-greased ½ donut cake pan, and try to condense the mixture as much as possible. It may also be helpful to grease your hands while pressing it into shape to ensure it doesn’t stick to your hands.



Then form the remaining mixture into a big ball. Let both the ball and donut cool completely at room temperature until set. Remove from pans once set, and ice the donut with mint buttercream.



Decorating Your Giant Cupcake Cake!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

4 lbs Fondant

Wilton Kelly Green Icing Color

Icing Sugar

Nick’s Chocolate Sauce - find his recipe on The Scran Line

Scotch Mints

1/2 cup Wilton Bright White Candy Melts

1 oz Chocolate Chips or Callets

Pink Cotton Candy

Rolling Pin

Paring Knife

8 x 1/4” Dowels

Garden Shears

7” Round Cake Board

10” Round Cake Board

Measuring Cup

It’s time to bring this Giant Cupcake together, and with a cake this big, that means it’s time for some dowels. I cut 7 dowels into 14 pieces, and pressed 13 of them into the cupcake bottom. Then I added a 7” round cake board to the top of my cupcake base (which will become the bottom after we flip it).



We’re going to turn this chocolate chip vanilla cake into a cupcake base wrapped in a liner. I made myself a template that was just a 7” round piece of paper, folded into 32 segments.




Then I rolled out fondant dyed green with the same Wilton Kelly Green Icing Color, and covered my cake with it. After smoothing my fondant down, I trimmed the excess off the bottom with a paring knife.




Now take the 7” template that you created and mark out the 32 points on the top of your cake. Use a tape measure to mark out another 32 points along the 12” bottom. You’ll want to mark them off in quadrants first, as just going around the circumference may lead to the lines not matching up.

Now take a dowel, and press it into the cake to join the marks on the top to the marks on the bottom. I even rolled my dowel a little bit to smooth out the indent, and really make it pop.



Now it’s time to FLIP this cake over between two cake boards, and set aside.

Cover your donut in the same green fondant, first covering the inside of the hole (cutting off excess flush along the top of the donut), and then covering the entire donut (poking a hole and stretching it along the inside of the hole). This method allows you to create a less noticeable seam.



Once the donut is covered, I added callets to make them look like jumbo chocolate chips; pressing them into the fondant. Flip the donut over, and cut the excess fondant out of the hole.


We’re going to make our biggest chocolate cake look like the top of this giant cupcake has been dipped in chocolate sauce and then coated in mints!

Making Nick’s Chocolate Sauce recipe was super simple. It’s just four ingredients, and it gives off the most deliciously beautiful shine. Follow his recipe here. Once it was room temperature, I poured it into a measuring up with a spout so I could drizzle it later.

Now take some scotch mints and crush them in your food processor.  We want a fine powder and also some nice chunks to go around edge.

Rest your 12” rounded chocolate cake onto a 10” cake board, and then rest it on a cake pan. This will create a space for the chocolate sauce to drip off the cake when I’m drizzling. Pour your chocolate sauce onto the cake, and use a small spatula to help guide it down. I used my special invention again to curve and smooth out the chocolate bumps.




Once your chocolate sauce is smooth, chill in the fridge for 5 minutes. Take it back out and press in your mint chunks. Yum!




Let’s move on to our truffle ball. I melted the white candy melts and drizzled it over the ball. I was planning on pressing on some coconut, but the candy melts made it look like a giant hand-dipped truffle so I decided to stop. It took all my will as a coconut junkie, but it really did look better with just the white chocolate. Set the ball aside to set.


Assembling Your Giant Cupcake Cake!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

Garden Shears

7” Round Cake Board

10” Round Cake Board

Measuring Cup



Let’s put this giant cupcake together! Take your mint chocolate base and spread just a bit of chocolate sauce on to help the next cake stick. Place your chocolate mint 12” round chocolate cake onto the cupcake base with a 10” round cake board beneath it. Now it’s time for our giant chocolate piping swirls. Add the 9” curved cake on top of the 12” cake, spread a bit of chocolate sauce on top, and then top with the final 9” curved chocolate cake.




Next I marked out where I wanted the donut to go on top of my cake. I cut a little bit off of one side of the donut so that the flat end would appear as though it had been pressed into the chocolate icing. Press the donut in to leave an imprint of where you’d like it to go. Then sharpen both ends of your remaining dowel, and press it into the donut imprint with about an inch and a half sticking out of the cake. Now attach your donut to the dowel.




It’s drizzling time! If your chocolate sauce has thickened while you worked on other components, soften it up with a quick trip to the microwave. Drizzle the the top layers of your cake, being careful to not get any chocolate sauce on your fondant cupcake liner.



Once you’re happy with your drizzle, add the white chocolate truffle in front.

I had a gumpaste straw leftover from my Pink Lemonade Cake, which was perfect because the straw was very dry and set. When making gumpaste accessories, I always make extra in case something breaks. I cut the straw in half asymmetrically and inserted it into the cupcake. For a final touch I added bright pink cotton candy to the side opposite the white chocolate truffle.  



A quick word of caution: cotton candy hardens and dissolves quickly when exposed to humidity, so serve it just before you serve your cake or it may shrink on you!


You’re all set - this giant Cup-Cake is done! Now take a slice and go conquer the ring toss!