This is a touchdown of a cake. I’m making this chocolate cake football to celebrate the NFL kickoff, but this cake will be a hit all season long. Make it for your football team, your coach, or to munch on while you watch your favourite team hit the field!


Where Do I Buy My Ingredients & Tools??

I've been building up my caking equipment locker for years now, so I find that I need to do a little less shopping each time I make a new cake. If you're missing any supplies you need for this cake, you can find all of my shoppable supplies right here


Baking the Chocolate Cake!

You Will Need:

6 lbs Yo’s Ultimate Chocolate Cake - find my recipe here

3D Egg Pan, greased and lined with parchment paper

Prepare your chocolate cake batter according to my recipe here. Divide evenly among your half egg pans and bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour and 15 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Allow to cool completely in their pans.

Icing Your Football Cake!

You Will Need:

Simple Syrup - find my recipe here

Italian Meringue Buttercream - find my recipe here

Serrated Knife

Small Icing Spatula

2 x 12 Round Cake Boards

Foam Board

Cutting Mat

Xacto Knife

Before you begin, I created a football template (which you can download here), and used an Xacto knife to cut a football shape out of foam board.


Using a serrated knife, level your cakes while still in their pans. With your half egg cakes facing flat side up, carve into the shape of your template. Then flip your cakes flat side down and follow this football shape as a guide. You’ll want to taper the rounded end into more of a point, being careful to look at the cake from above to ensure that you’re maintaining the correct slope. Trim the bottom edge of the cake ever so slightly with a small serrated knife to keep the rounded shape of the football.



Once you’re happy with the shape, give both the flat and domed side of your cakes a simple syrup shower. Let absorb.


Slide the football foam board under one of the football cakes. Please note: that it should be completely concealed as it should be the same size as your cake. Crumb coat and chill both cakes. Remove from fridge and give your cakes another ice. Return to fridge.



Once the icing is chilled, smooth out the any ridges in the buttercream with wet fingertips. With a small spatula, add a little bit more buttercream where needed to get both halves nice and smooth.


Covering Your Football Cake!

You Will Need:

1 1/2 lbs Chocolate Fondant 

1/2 lb Yellow Fondant 

1/2 lb Pink Fondant 

Rolling Pin

Icing Sugar

IKEA Drawer Mat

Paring Knife

Small Offset Spatula

Shaping Foam

Mix 1 ½ lbs of chocolate fondant with ½ lb of yellow, and ½ lb of pink fondant. This will help give the fondant a warm undertone.

Knead your fondant well and divide into two even pieces. Roll out and use an IKEA drawer liner to add texture. Place the drawer liner face down and secure with a little bit of masking tape. Roll over the liner with a rolling pin, applying enough pressure to leave an imprint in 1-2 rolls.



Pick up your fondant and cover the cake with your hands. Don’t use a fondant smoother as this will cause you to lose the texture. Press into place very lightly with your hands. Trim away any excess fondant with a sharp paring knife and tuck underneath to mimic the deep seam of a football. Repeat this process with the second half.



Once both halves are covered, add the seams to your football. Lay a tape measure from point to point, and use a sculpting tool to run that same line to create the seam. Use a sharp paring knife to lightly mark out stitch marks in even intervals, and then go back over them with the same sculpting tool.



Flip this half of the cake over with the board. Take the paring knife and remove the board. This should leave a lip of fondant about ¼ inch higher than the cake. Fill in the lip with frosting, and keep your buttercream flush with the top of the fondant lip. Chill until buttercream is firm.


Take both halves out of the fridge and add the top half of the football to the bottom. At this point the seams may not line up perfectly, but try to line them up as best you can. Then use the tips of your thumbs to press the two seams together. If there are any places that you rubbed the texture out of, go back with your drawer liner, and press along the seam to retexture.




Make the same stitch marks in the side seams. Set your football on your shaping foam, and a non stick mat to keep your cake from wobbling. If you don’t have a shaping foam, you could use a little bit of chocolate fondant to prop up the ball while working on it.

Decorating Your Football Cake!  

You Will Need:

2 oz Black Fondant

2 oz Gum Paste

Vegetable Shortening

Icing Sugar

Rolling Pin

Fabric Measuring Tape

Sculpting Tools

Small Round Cutter

#8 Round piping Tip

Clay extruder

Strip Cutter No.2

Star Plunger Cutter

Paint Brush

Gold Luster Dust

Clear Piping Gel

I created a template for the black parts of the ball. Take some black fondant and mix it well with shortening to soften it. Run it through a clay extruder to get a thin rope. Lay your template on the ball to ensure it is centred between the points, and then secure onto the cake with a couple of pins. Brush a thin line of water around the shape of the template, and lay your black fondant tubes in the shape around where the laces will be.



I also wanted to make valve where an air pump would be inserted. Roll a bit of fondant and use a piping tip and sculpting tool to make a circle within a circle. Add to cake with a bit of water.  



Use a pin to mark where your lace holes will be, and deepen them with a pointed sculpting tool. Once the holes we in place, roll out white gum paste and cut with a #2 strip cutter. Lace them back and forth across the ball and over the seams, then place two long laces over the top, once again in a back and forth pattern.



Roll out a thin piece of black fondant for your NFL logo. Cut out the logo and crest, using a star plunger cutter for the stars. Brush the appropriate pieces with a little bit of vegetable shortening and then dusting with gold lustre. Assemble with a bit of clear piping gel, and then add to the ball with a bit more piping gel.



Let’s play ball! Here on team cake, we don’t play football, but we eat them.