I don’t care who you are, there is nothing more homey and comforting than a chocolate chip cookie. The perfect cookie is crisp and caramelized on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. We’re going to stack layers of giant chocolate chip cookies with chocolate chip vanilla, and hold it all together with cookie butter buttercream. Oh, and did I mention the eggless cookie dough? This Chocolate Chip Mega Cake is going to be the ultimate tribute to the chocolate chip cookie!

On that note, I have to tell you a little secret.  Although I am an avid baker, I have always been jealous of my friend Derek’s chocolate chip cookies.  They are delightful and so is he :)  I asked Derek to help me out with my Chocolate Chip Cookie Mega Cake, and now I have his recipe! And so do you! Yay for everyone.



Since Derek has been a dancer for most of his life and is now a fitness instructor, I might have to get a little workout in after this cake.  It is as delicious as it looks.

 Where Do I Buy My Ingredients & Tools?

Chocolate chip cookies are pretty simple, but tracking down cookie butter can be tricky! I've organized all of the shoppable supplies for this cake right here for you.  

Baking Your Chocolate Chip Vanilla Cake!  

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

4 Lbs Yo’s Ultimate Vanilla Cake - find my recipe here

2 cups Mini Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

3 x 8” Round Cake Pans, lined with parchment paper

Rubber Spatula

Prepare your vanilla cake batter according to my recipe here. Fold your chocolate chips into the batter until fully incorporated. Divide the batter between 3 prepared pans, and bake at 350 for 40 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Allow to cool completely in their pans at room temperature.


Derek Friday’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!  

Ingredients You Will Need:

1 1/4 cup Unsalted Butter, at room temperature

1 1/4 cup Light Brown Sugar

3/4 cup  Sugar

2 eggs, at room temperature

1 teaspoon Vanilla

2 3/4 cups Flour

1 1/4 teaspoons Salt

1 teaspoon Baking Powder

1 teaspoon Baking Soda

3/4 cup Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

3/4 cup Milk Chocolate Chips



Stir the flour and baking soda together in a bowl and set aside. With a paddle attachment, beat your butter and sugars in the bowl of your mixer for 3 minutes on medium speed.  On stir speed (or low speed if you’re using a hand mixer), add your eggs, one at a time, and mix until incorporated.  Add vanilla to mixture and beat until incorporated. Stir in the flour mixture. Once fully blended, stir in your chocolate chips with a spoon.




Please note that I doubled this recipe for my Chocolate Chip Cookie Mega Cake, but I did have some leftover cookies. But when is extra chocolate chip cookies ever a problem. ;)

Baking Your Cookie Dough!

Tools You Will Need:

3 x 8” Round Cake Pans with Removable Bottom, lined with parchment paper

Baking Trays

Silicone Mat or Parchment Paper

Food Scale


Divide 1 ¼ lbs of dough into each 8” round pan. With the remaining dough, I baked 22 1oz cookies, and 22 1.5 oz cookies. I wanted a variety of sizes so that they’d be nice and staggered when I pile them on top of my cake. I like to roll my cookie dough into balls, then break them in half and press them together. This helps get the chips nice and exposed, and gives them that perfect cookie shape. 



Bake the cookies at 350 degrees, rotating halfway, for between 8-12 minutes. Bake you 8” round pans at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes, rotating halfway.


If you can, I’d recommend that you bake your chocolate chip cookie components the day before as it’s quite a lot to cool. This allows you to have them all set and cooled for assembly the next day.

Filling Your Chocolate Chip Cookie Mega Cake!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

Cookie Butter Buttercream - find my recipe here

Eggless Cookie Dough - find my recipe here

Simple Syrup - find my recipe here


Serrated Knife

Small offset Spatula

Offset Spatula

Icing Spatula

Prepare your eggless cookie dough according to my recipe here, and your cookie butter buttercream using my recipe here.


Remove all of your cakes from their pans, levelling and removing the caramelization from the bottom. You can watch me do this here. Give all of your chocolate chip vanilla cakes a simple syrup shower.



It’s important not to level your cookies. You could, but then you’d miss out on all that wonderful cookie caramelization. I think the best part about a chocolate chip cookie is that crusty outside and soft inside. We don’t want to lose that!

Let’s start stacking our Chocolate Chip Cookie Mega Cake! We want to use a giant cookie at the base as it’s heavier than the cake layer. Then spread on a thin layer of cookie butter buttercream with your offset spatula. Then you’ll want to crumb your eggless cookie dough all along the inside of the dip of the cookie. Add a little bit more buttercream to even out the top of the layer and place your first chocolate chip vanilla cake on top. Repeat until all of your giant cookies and cake layers are stacked. Your topmost layer should be one of your chocolate chip vanilla cakes.



If you’ve got some cookie butter buttercream leftover, you can use it to crumb coat, otherwise plain buttercream will be just as delicious. Chill your cake after a crumb coat. Then give it another ice before returning to the fridge.



Decorating Your Cake!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

Icing Spatula

Small Icing Spatula

Bench Scraper

Small Ice Cream Scoop

1/2 cup Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

1/4 cup Mini Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

Because this cake is really tall and heavy, you’ll want to ice it as smoothly as you can. Then use a small spatula to create ridges running up and down the cake. There’s nothing that says homemade like a chocolate chip cookies, and I wanted to make sure this cake looked pretty, but above all, yummy and homemade.


Crumble more eggless cookie dough and press around the base of the cake. Then add the chocolate chips among and above the dough. Then toss your mini chocolate chips near the top of the cake so that the entire sides of your cake are covered in chocolate chip goodness.



Take your cookies and break them in half. Start to add them to the top of your cake in every direction. You really can’t go wrong here! Then I used an ice cream scoop to create domes of eggless cookie dough to prop up the cookies, and add another layer to your cake toppings. We’re making a chocolate chip cookie cascade!


When you take a bite, make sure you get a little bit of cake and giant cookie in each forkful. Chocolate chip cookie heaven!