Yo's Vanilla Toffee Cake

Written By Ammie Matte - January 03 2016


September 17 2016

Can you pplzzzz tell me what toffee should i use or send me a video of this recipe plzzzzzzzzz

July 10 2016

Hi can you send me the ingredient measurements in grams please would be a big help thanks

July 10 2016

Hi can you send me the ingredient measurements in grams please would be a big help thanks

May 17 2016

I made the 4 lb version of this recipe and put 3 1/2 lbs in 9 inch round pans. The cake rose up the sides of the cake pan but didn’t rise quite as much in the middle. Any idea what I might have done wrong?

Maria Goff
April 20 2016

How much salt? It’s not listed.

Maria Goff
April 20 2016

You didn’t list salt, or the amount in the recipe, but it says to mix it with the dry ingredients in the instructions. How much should I put?

Carolina Villafuerte
March 19 2016

Llove your cakes thank you

Candace Whitehurst
February 19 2016

Love watching your videos. I recently made a bb-8 cake for my sons birthday and your video was awesome and helped me a lot. I was wanting to know what kind of fondant you use? How do you keep it from drying out when working with it and how do you keep it from drying out on the cake?

Tanya Duncanson
February 07 2016

Hi Yolanda, I love your videos. I love every last one of them. I think you’re hilarious. I want to make this cake but how much salt do you use?

February 01 2016

hi love all your cakes u do and i live in uk and was wondering if u could tell me on what number do i put my over on i have a fan oven thank you so much

January 30 2016

Could you please also tell the measurements in kilo’s, grams, Celcius and centimeters? Love, from your Dutch subscribers!?

January 20 2016

What flour do you use, plain or self raising. Thanks

Cheryl Flint
January 17 2016

Hi, please could you also use grams in your recipes, I’m in the UK. Thank you so much.

January 15 2016

Hi Yolanda ,
I love your cakes and you are super
I want to ask you about the toffee bits does it melts in the cake?

January 09 2016

Could you please also mention your ingredients in kilograms and grams. And temperature in Celsius. Thanks. Love your videos. Hasma ( Sri lankan)

January 09 2016

Can you tell me where to purchase the square baking pans?

January 09 2016

How much salt?

January 07 2016

Could you please convert your oven temperatures and measurements in kilos, grams and Celsius, your subscribers from Australia thank you xx

January 06 2016

Can I bake any one of your cakes one day in advanced and keep it in the freezer? will it dry out?

January 05 2016

I love it , thanks so much for sharing Yolanda :-) :-)

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