Christmas ornaments are the perfect object to cake!  The possibilities are endless. There are so many beautiful designs and colours.  I really think these cakes are a great gift to take to a holiday party.

I made my Christmas ornament cakes out of chocolate and vanilla cake batter with crushed candy canes folded in.  When the vanilla cake bakes you can see little bursts of colour inside.  These bursts of colour don’t appear in the chocolate cakes, but both flavours taste great with a hint of mint.


I hope the weather isn't too frightful where you are! Too keep your errands shorter, I've already organized all of my ingredients and tools in a Parsel collection for you. Find my Parsel page right here!  

For The Candy Cane Cakes!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

1 x 4lb recipe vanilla batter - find my recipe here

1 x 4lb recipe chocolate batter - find my recipe here

1 cup crushed candy canes

4” sphere pan

5” sphere pan

6” sphere pan

Once you have your vanilla and chocolate cake batter prepared, fold ½ cup of crushed candy cane into each batter.  

Fill each half of the 4” sphere pan with ½ cup of vanilla batter.  Then fill each half of the 5” sphere pan with 1 1/2cups of vanilla batter.

Finally, fill each half of the 6” sphere pan with 2lbs of chocolate cake batter.

Sphere pans take a long time to bake.  Bake these cakes at 350º until a cake tester inserted in the middle comes out clean.  About 50 minutes for the 4” sphere, 1 hour and 10 minutes for the 5” sphere, and 1 hour and 30 minutes for the 6” sphere.

Filling Your Cakes!  

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

1 recipe Whole Egg Eggnog Buttercream - find my recipe here

Serrated Knife

Small Icing Spatula

Small Offset Spatula

Simple Syrup - find my recipe here

I decided to fill my Christmas ornament cakes with eggnog buttercream.  I think that’s pretty festive, don’t you?

Level your half sphere cakes in their pans and then carefully remove them by running a small spatula around the inside edge.



Give your half sphere cakes a nice shower of simple syrup on the inner surface and around the outside of the domes.

Fill each of your sphere halves with a layer of eggnog buttercream, then sandwich the two halves together to form a ball.  Crumb coat your ball shaped cakes and chill them for ½ hour.

Once the cakes are chilled, ice them again and chill them for and hour. When your buttercream is nice and firm, wet your hand and rub your fingertips over your cakes to remove and smooth out any ridges.



Covering Your Ornament Cakes!  

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

Rolling Pin

Icing Sugar

Paring Knife

¾ lb Teal Green Fondant

1 lb White Fondant

1 ½ lbs Raspberry Red Fondant

I decided to make use of some of my leftover fondant colours for these ornaments.  I always have scraps leftover from various cakes.  Especially when I use coloured fondant because I always colour a little more than I need just in case.

I made my teal fondant by kneading together some teal and dark green fondant.  Then I made my raspberry red fondant by kneading together red and bright pink fondant.  

Christmas ornaments come in all colours - so have fun with this.  You really can’t go wrong!

Covering sphere cakes can be tricky. The fondant bunches along the bottom and creates a lot of folds. Make sure not to cut away too much of the excess once you drape the fondant over the sphere. You’d be surprised how much you actually need. Take your time tucking the fondant underneath the sphere. 

Since these sphere cakes are on the smaller side, I take the opportunity to flip them over in the palm of my hand and wrap the excess fondant underneath.  You don’t want to hold these cakes in your hand for too long.  The fondant will start to take the impression of your hand!

Once I filp the cakes back onto their boards, I like to use a ball of the same colour fondant to smooth the surface of my sphere cakes. A fondant smoother is not the best choice for this shape.




If I have any noticeable creases along the bottom I simply chill my cake for 10 minutes and then patch it. I make a fondant paste by working some water into a small piece of my fondant. When the mixture becomes the consistency of royal icing, I ice it into the crease with a small spatula.

Decorating You Christmas Ornament Cakes!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

2oz Gumpaste

Snowflake Cutter Set

Pearl Luster Dust

Royal Icing - find my recipe here

Sugar Diamonds

Silver Dragées

Silver Highlighter

Gold Highlighter

Decorating Brushes

Vegetable Shortening

Let’s begin with the smallest Christmas Ornament.  I decided to create a pattern of pearly snowflakes of my 4” ornament once it was covered teal green.  I used a set of plunger cutters to cut snowflakes out of thinly rolled gumpaste.



Before applying my snowflakes to my ornament, I brushed them liberally with pearl luster to create a shimmer.  You can apply these to your cake by brushing a bit of water onto the back, and gluing them on.  



I find it helpful to make a mark where my ornament topper will go.  You know - the little piece that you attach the hook to so you can hang them on your tree.

I decided to map out a pattern, but I think they would look great randomly placed in a whimsical pattern as well.  You’ve got enough sweating to do during the holidays- am I right?



Moving on to my medium ornament, I need to crush my sugar diamonds and toss them with my silver dragées.  I crushed my sugar diamonds by pulsing them in a food processor.  I tried to bang them out with a rolling pin but my, my, my - these sugar diamonds are almost as durable as the real thing!

In order to adhere this gorgeous dragée salad to my ornament cake, I first ice it with a layer of royal icing.  Then I simply press the dragée salad all around the ball with the palm of my hand.

I recommend placing your cake into a larger cake pan or container.  This way you can catch all the excess and save your floor!

When you are done, give your cake a once around, and if you notice any gaps, push in some sugar diamonds and dragées.

I just love this look!  It’s like a Christmas disco ball!




For my third and final ornament, I’m going abstract.  I think gold splatters and brush strokes will look so beautiful on top of my raspberry red fondant.

I dilute some gold highlighter with white rum, and then I splatter the cake by using my finger to spread the brush bristles.  I also let the brush land on the surface of the cake as I go to create larger gold patterns.



We Need To Hang These Ornaments!

 Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

8 oz White fondant

Wilton Black Icing Colour

Wilton Golden Yellow Icing Colour


Circle Cutters - 7/8”,  1 1/8”,  1 ½”,  1 ¾”

1 oz gumpaste

PME Strip Cutter No.1

Chef’s Knife

FMM Straight Frill Cutter Set

FMM Textured Lace Set

To make the toppers for my ornaments I mix 1 tsp of CMC into my fondant.  The CMC will help stiffen the consistency of my fondant and help it dry faster.

Then I dye 2 ½ oz of my fondant deep grey with a little black gel colour and 3 ½ oz deep yellow with golden yellow gel colour.

To create the toppers, I first roll a 1” thick disc.  The I use a circle cutter to cut a perfect circle.  I like to rub a little vegetable shortening on the cutter, to make the fondant easier to remove.

While that circle sets up in its cutter, I roll out the excess into a long band.  I cut a 1” strip that is straight along one edge, and use a frill cutter along the other edge.

I carefully press my fondant circle out of the cutter, and use a little water to wrap the decorative band around it. I cut a clean seam where the fondant band meets itself.




I decided to make each topper different, so I used three different frill cutters for the edges. Then I painted each topper to match the corresponding Christmas ornament cake.  I brushed dry pearl luster onto the white topper.  I painted the grey topper with silver highlighter mixed with white rum, and the yellow topper with gold highlighter mixed with white rum.  Set them aside so the paint can dry.



To make the rings that stick up out of the toppers, I rolled out some gumpaste and marked lines with a strip cutter.  Then I cut through the lines creating thin strips of gumpaste.  I wrapped these strips around a greased circle cutter and pinched it closed at the seam.

I made these rings a day in advance, so they would be dry enough to poke into the fondant toppers and stand up.

Just attach your toppers and their rings to your Christmas ornament cakes and hang them on your tree! …….hold that thought- eat them instead.  Your tree can’t handle these cakes. ; )




You can even tie a ribbon bow around your rings.  Just be VERY careful.

Merry Christmas everyone!