A Chocolate BB-8 Star Wars Cake with Delicious Droid Details

Written By Ammie Matte - December 07 2015


Madi Willson
September 18 2016

Hi Yo!! I just wanted to say thank you for just being you! I love watching you every week! And I love how genuine and real you are! Anyways… for the BB-8 cake, how many people does it feed? I’m making it for a friend who loves Star Wars.
Thank you for inspiring me to go big when it comes to cakes and my dreams!

August 25 2016

Thank you so much for posting this. I made this for my wife and it came out amazing! Your video was hilarious too, I think you and R2D2 have a good relationship going on.

August 14 2016

You are amazing! This will be my first fondant cake ever and I wanted to go big or go home for my son’s 8th bday:) One request I have is that it would be great if you could please offer your recipes in a printable version without all the pictures? Thanks for giving me the confidence to be a cake artist, too. I probably would never have tried if it weren’t for your detailed recipes and videos.

July 27 2016

You are amazing! I have only discovered you recently but WOW! I am hoping to make this cake for my partner’s 40th (just to remind him that he is still just a big kid :) ) Would it work with your vanilla cake recipe?

plasterers bristol
July 18 2016

Yum yum. Such a delicious recipe. Thanks for sharing this.


July 03 2016

I can not find fondant in my country and when I ask any bakery stores they even don’t know what is fondant yo plz help me

June 21 2016

I made this cake for my son’s 40th birthday…..he’s a Star Wars NERD!!! to say the least. It was quite a hit, and it almost hurt to cut into the cake (especially after working on BB-8 for about 24 hours!) Thanks for all the directions and help on the video. Couldn’t have done it without you!

June 14 2016

I excited to try this for my son’s birthday next week. He would like vanilla instead. Would I use the same amount for your vanilla recipe? Wonderful and entertaining video, btw!

Cathy huggins
June 06 2016

Thanks so much Princess Londa for the tutorial. Mine was not as detailed as yours, but it came out well for a couple of cake Jedi in training.

April 13 2016

Hi! I love this tutorial! Thanks for sharing your talent! BTW I saw another BB8 cake tutorial and it doesn’t measure up to yours. Yours is soooooo much pretty and perfect! Your details are so beautifully executed. You make it seem so easy…. that it makes me want to try it. But I’m wondering…. how many servings will this cake provide?

Marilyn Bauer
April 07 2016

For some reason I can’t see the answers to the questions, since I have to ask one again ,sorry. What do you use on your base board? I had. Thought of piping gel then cover in raw sugar browns sugar, butterflies with crushed vanilla wafers or Graham crackers. Am I even close?

March 23 2016

Hey! I’m so excited, I’m about to order all my supplies for this cake. A friend requested it as a surprise groom’s cake, and your tutorial is SO amazing, I just have to try my hand at recreating it! Woo!! Here goes!

March 22 2016

I was wanting to tackle this cake for my husbands birthday but wanted to see if you think your vanilla toffee cake would work for a good supplement. He’s not a big chocolate cake fan

March 21 2016

Thank you so much for sharing this. You could easily have sold these instructions for a profit. How very generous of you to share your gift with everyone. I’ll be attempting this for my son’s 13th birthday in a couple of weeks.

February 16 2016

Just found your video. I don’t know if I will attempt this cake. I’m intimidated by all the details. However, your video is excellent..and extremely entertaining. Thank you.

February 04 2016

Making this cake right now but I found that I only needed about 0.8lb of batter for the 5" half sphere and about 3.7 lb of batter for each of the 8" bowls, if I followed your instructions, the batter will overflow. Are you sure about your measurements of the batter needed to fill the bowls? I wonder why it will not work for me.

January 22 2016

Hi – I am just about to put fondant on this cake for my son’s party – and now Winter Storm Juno is heading our way so the party is postponed. Can I freeze it before I put the fondant on? Or if I put the fondant on will it keep for a week? Should I refrigerate? Thanks!

January 21 2016

What did you use to make the “ground” under BB-8?

Young Aspiring Baker
January 11 2016

This is one of my favorites, besides the Bob the Minion cake. I was wondering if you could make a video for young learners like me and how to work our way up to your level of cake mastery. I love baking and you are very inspirational!

Christina Valencia
January 03 2016

Princess Landa, YOU ARE OUT OF THIS WORLD. Your skills are at mastery level and to help train other Jedis is commendable. You are more of a Yoda with the way you pass on your knowledge( just way cuter and funnier). Cake Master, You are. Mad Skill, you possess. Thank you for a great video.

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