There is so much fun to be had while decorating a gingerbread house for the holidays. Not only are they fun to make, they are fun to eat too! Imagine how much more fun gingerbread houses would be if they were filled with cake? Chocolate gingerbread cake filled with Christmas red and green buttercream. Topped off with royal icing snow, candy lights, and chocolate filled wafers that will make the roof of your house look like a log cabin.

This must be just like the house that Mr. and Mrs. Claus live in. Although, I hear that Mrs. Claus resides only in the West wing now….



Where Do I Buy All My Ingredients & Tools??

It's time to gather up all of your ingredients and tools before you get started. As always, I've organized all of the ingredients and tools I used to make my Gingerbread House Cake in a Parsel collection right here!


Building a Gingerbread House Cake!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

1 x my recipe for Chocolate Ginger Cake - find my recipe here

1 x recipe Italian Meringue Buttercream - find my recipe here

Simple Syrup - find my recipe here 

2 x Ready to Decorate Gingerbread House Kits

ChefMaster Super Red Gel Colour

 ChefMaster Leaf Green Gel Colour

 Serrated Knife


Small Offset Spatula

 Icing Spatula

 Rubber Spatula



Begin by removing your chocolate ginger cake from the pan, levelling it and cutting it in half. You can watch how I do that here. Look at that ginger!

Measure your gingerbread house. You need to measure the length, depth, and height of the gingerbread pieces. My gingerbread house is 10 ¼” long, 5” deep, and 5 ¾” high.

I cut off the ends of my slab of cake, taking it from 11” wide to 10 ¼” wide. Then I cut the 15” length of my cake into 3 equal 5” rectangles. I stacked all the rectangles so that I could check the height of my cake. Keep in mind that the buttercream filling will ad to your height as well.




I coloured half my recipe of buttercream, about 3 cups. I divided that into 2 portions, 1 ½ cups each. Then I dyed one portion red, and one portion green. 

Make sure to shower all of your cake layers with simple syrup. Then fill your cake with alternating colours of buttercream. Crumb coat the sides of your cake with white buttercream, and place it in the fridge to chill for 20 minutes. 



You want your buttercream to be fully chilled before carving your cake. It will make the job that much easier. Use the gingerbread cookie slabs as a guide for carving your cake. I lined up two front and two back panels of the house on my cake at the front and back. Secure them with a pat of buttercream for now. You don’t want the gingerbread panels to fall over and break!

Then I slowly followed the lined of the roof with my serrated knife, cutting the excess cake away. Remove your gingerbread panels, crumb coat the top of your cake and chill it once again.




We are ready to turn this cake into a gingerbread house. Ice each area of your cake as you go along and add your gingerbread panels. I added the side panels first, then the two back panels and the two front panels. Then I added the roof to the east wining and the west wing. You may need to trim to gingerbread panels where the to roofs meet. I sawed through them with a serrated knife and a light hand

Set your gingerbread house cake in the fridge to chill while you get all your decorations ready. You want the buttercream holding your gingerbread panels in place to firm up.



Decorating your Gingerbread House for the Holidays!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:


Double Recipe of Royal Icing - find my recipe here 

ChefMaster Leaf Green Gel Colour

12 boxes Chocolate Hazelnut Rolled Wafers

Sugar Ice Cream Cones

Pretzel Sticks

Christmas Mint White Chocolate Chips

Candy Beads in Red, Lime Green and Gold

Spearmint Hard Candy

Pearl White Gumballs

White and green sprinkles

Red and Green Smarties 

1 oz Red Fondant

Pearl Luster Dust 

Pearl Edible Glitter

White Cotton Candy

Piping Bag


#2 round piping tip

#4 round piping tip

#8 round piping tip

Rubber Spatula

Paint Brush

Non Stick Rolling Pin

Non Stick Board

Woodgrain Impression Mat

Small Offset Spatula



Make your royal icing and keep it well covered with a clean damp cloth or in an airtight container to prevent it from drying out.

Spread a layer of royal icing on to the roof of your gingerbread house cake. Add your rolled wafers to look like logs along all four roof surfaces and trim them it you need too. Line them up side by side placing them vertically along the roof tops.

Place some royal icing into a piping bag fitted with a coupler and a #8 round tip. Pipe a line of icing at the tops of both roof peaks, and lay a rolled wafer onto each peak to finish off the roofs.




Change your piping tip to a #4 round tip. Pipe lines of royal icing to outline the windows and glue on the pretzel sticks to look like frames. You will need to trim some of the pretzels.

Add snow to your window frames by piping royal icing across the top and bottom ledges. Use a damp paint brush to drag the icing downward to look like settled snow.

Add a few Christmas mint white chocolate chips to the window ledges to look like plants sitting on the sill.

Add pillars to the four corners of the house. Simply trim four rolled wafers and glue them on with you guessed it - royal icing.




Pipe royal icing all along the front one side edges of the roof. Use the damp brush technique again to make it look like settled snow. While the icing is still wet, add a row of candy beads all along the rooftop edge. I alternated the red, gold and green colours.



Roll out the red fondant to 1/8” thick. Press the woodgrain impression mat onto the surface of the fondant. Cut our two doors that will fit the house, and glue them on with royal icing. Create little doorknobs by rolling a small ball of fondant with your fingertips, and flattening it slightly. Add one to each door.




Time to colour some of our royal icing green. Just mix in some ChefMaster Leaf Green until you achieve a wonderful Christmasy green.

Place the green royal icing into a piping bag fitted with a #2 round tip. First, pipe lines between the candy beads to connect the lights. I also piped a tiny ball on top of each candy bead.



Next, pipe the vertical and horizontal lines that make the window panes. 



Now spread some green royal icing onto your cake base, to create a lawn around your gingerbread house cake. Throw a handful of green sprinkles onto your royal icing before it sets. This will create some texture.

Spread more green royal icing onto two ice cream sugar cones, and roll them in green sprinkles. These will make lovely topiaries for the entry to the mansion, don’t you think?   



I created a few lights for the garden by stacking to spearmint candies together, and gluing a pearl gumball on top with white royal icing. Now this house has curb appeal!

We almost forgot the chimney! How else would Santa get home? Glue the gingerbread chimney panels together with white royal icing. Once the chimney is set and stable, glue it to the rooftop.

 We all know that this house is located in the North Pole, right? So bring on the snow! I added my royal icing in two layers. I’m not quite from the North Pole, but I know snowfall. 

I thinned some white royal icing with a bit of water, and poured it down the rooftops. Then I threw on white sprinkles and edible pearl glitter.

Once that snowfall settled, I added another layer. This time I spread the white royal icing on, and added more sprinkles and glitter. I was planning to add pearl luster dust, but I felt that my snow was sparkly enough ;)




Now this is my dream home. A Gingerbread House Cake that I can eat my way out of.