If only all the swirling snow was rich, dreamy Italian Meringue Buttercream! Could you imagine rolling a giant snowman out of buttercream? And don’t even get me started on buttercream ball fights…A less messy way to make your Italian Meringue Buttercream more festive is by infusing it with holiday flavours, three ways! Flavouring buttercream is all about your tastebuds.  Add the flavours bit by bit and taste along the way. How's that for Holiday fun!


Let’s Make Holiday Italian Meringue Buttercream!


Start by making a base batch of my Italian Meringue Buttercream (find my recipe here!), and dividing it into 3 parts. One recipe will yield 6 cups, so if you’re measuring you’ll have three 2 cup portions of buttercream.

Now we’re ready to mix in our holiday flavours! 


After The Kids Are Tucked In Buttercream


Ingredients You Will Need:

¼ cup dark chocolate shavings

¼ cup Bailey's Irish Cream




Stir in your Bailey’s Irish Cream to a little bit at a time. I used ¼ cup, but you might like a little bit more or a little bit less. When I add liquids to my buttercream, I prefer to stir them in with a whisk. 

**Baking Tip: When adding liquid, make sure to keep an eye on the consistency of your buttercream.  Whisk well after each addition.

I chose shavings rather than chocolate chips because they infuse the buttercream with chocolate flavour and melt in your mouth without making the buttercream lumpy. Gently fold the shavings in with a rubber spatula.




Holiday Cheer Candy Cane Buttercream


Ingredients You Will Need: 

¼ cup candy cane

4 oz white chocolate (I used Lindt)




Crush your candy canes using a food processor, and set aside. Put your white chocolate in a microwave safe bowl, and microwave in 20-second increments. Stir between heating. Set aside to cool.

Having the candy cane crushed really fine gives your buttercream a nice pink hue and the sweet minty dust melts in your mouth easily.




Kris Kringle-worthy Caramel Ginger Buttercream

Ingredients You Will Need: 

¼ cup homemade caramel – find my recipe here 

2 tablespoons preserved candied ginger, in syrup



Chop the ginger finely. I chopped mine in a food processor, but by hand will do. I chose the preserved candied ginger in syrup because it had a soft texture and gives the buttercream a nice bit of heat. Sweet heat – yum! Dried candied ginger has nice flavour too, but will be a little harder in your buttercream.

Stir caramel into your buttercream with a whisk, and then gently fold in your candied ginger with a rubber spatula.





Tips For Making Holiday Your Baking Easier!

Feel free to flavour your buttercream a day before, or even a month before and freeze it. Then all you need to do is defrost your

If you are flavouring a whole batch add the flavours to your stand mixer once your buttercream is complete.  Less work for you!