There is nothing more satisfying than a burger and fries. Delicious, fulfilling and topped just the way you like it. I occasionally like to treat myself to this meal. But a sweet version of a burger and fries? Now, that’s a real treat! Although I have made a burger cake before, it has remained on my bucket list for How To Cake It (don't forget to subscribe!). I wanted to make the patty out of something other than chocolate cake and fondant this time. So I made it out of cocoa rice puffs, chocolate and marshmallow. It really gives this cake added texture and crunch. Topped with modeling chocolate cheese, candy relish and some fun gumpaste garnishes - this burger cake is sure to satisfy.





Where Do I Buy All My Ingredients & Tools??

I kind of wish that getting your caking ingredients and tools were as easy as going through a drive thru! Until that day, I've sorted all of my ingredients and tools in a Parsel collection for you right here!  



Vanilla Burger Bun Cakes!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

3lb portion of vanilla batter (half the 6lb recipe) - find my recipe here

2 x 6” by 3” high round cake pans lined with parchment


The recipe will yield a little more than exactly 3lbs of batter. Pour 2lbs of batter into one pan, and 1lb into the other pan. I had about 1/4lb of extra batter so I added it to the 1lb pan. I don’t suggest baking more than 2lbs in a pan. It rises completely to the top.

Bake your cakes according to my handy chart found here. Always use the toothpick method to test your cakes before removing them from the oven. Let your cakes cool completely in their pans.

*Baking Tip* The 2lb pan took 1 hour and 10 minutes to bake because it is more batter than usually suggested.


Making Realistic Buns.

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

Italian Meringue Buttercream - find my recipe here 

1 1/2lbs Wilton White Fondant

Wilton Color Right Performance:

- 4 drops Base Yellow

- 2 drops Base Brown

Wilton Ivory Icing Colour

Wilton Lemon Extract

Vegetable shortening


Serrated knife

Small serrated knife

Rubber spatula

Small offset spatula

20” Wilton Fondant Rolling Pin

Wilton Fondant Smoother 

Icing sugar

Small sieve

Wilton Decorating Brush Set



Once I carved my bottom bun and my top bun into the perfect shape, I crumb coated them, chilled them, and iced them again.




Time to mix the perfect bun coloured fondant. This is one of my first experiences working with Wilton fondant and the Wilton Color Right Performance System. I cut of a little piece of fondant, about 1/4lb. I like to colour small amounts of fondant first, and then work that back into the whole portion. You can always add more colour, but you can’t take it back.

I begin by adding 2 drops of Base Yellow, and 1 drop of Base Brown to my 1/4lb of fondant. I knead the colour in thoroughly, until there are no streaks. Then I start to work that small portion of coloured fondant into my remaining white fondant.




If you find that the fondant sticks to your hands as you knead, rub a little vegetable shortening on them. If you are kneading for a long time, and you find your hands are getting warmer, take a minute to wash your hands in cool water and dry them thoroughly. Rub some shortening into your hands again, and return to kneading. 

After mixing half of the white fondant with my coloured portion, I decide that I need more colour. So I colour another small piece of my fondant with the same Colour Right formula. 2 drops of Base Yellow, and 1 drop of Base Brown. Then I knead all 1 ½ lbs of fondant together. 

To ensure there is no streaking, I knead my fondant into a ball, and cut it in half. If you see streaking or uneven colour in the cross section, you need to knead! Continue to work in the colour and test your fondant in the same manner. Now you are ready to cover your hamburger buns!




Sesame Seeds Please!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

1oz Wilton Gum Paste



Use a little of your leftover bun coloured fondant to colour your gumpaste. Just work small amounts into your gumpaste, kneading it with your fingertips. To stop the gumpaste from sticking to your hands too much, Have some vegetable shortening near by, and rub a little on your fingertips as needed.

To form the sesame seeds, pinch of little bits of gumpaste. Roll them into a ball between your fingertips, and then flatten that ball. Pinch one side of the flattened circle to create the sesame seed shape. It should look like a teardrop. Now, just do that 100 more times ;) 

You can make your seeds a day ahead if you wish. I like to do this in front of the TV or while blasting my favourite tunes. Make sure to apply your seeds to your top bun while your coat of Wilton Ivory paint is still wet.



Chocolate Hamburger Patties!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:


¼ cup Wilton Light Cocoa Candy Melts

½ cup Wilton Dark Cocoa Candy Melts

1 ¼ cups Mini Marshmallows

1 ½ cups Cocoa Rice Cereal 



This recipe makes one patty. I got greedy and decided to make my hamburger a double. If you choose to do the same, I highly suggest making one patty at a time, rather then doubling the recipe.

Melt both candy melts in the microwave in 20 second increments. Stir between each heating. You want the chocolate to be melted and lump free, but not piping hot.

Place your mini marshmallows in a bowl and heat them in the microwave for 30 seconds. Stir the marshmallows, pour in both melted candy melts and continue to stir. If the mixture is thickening, heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds.



Now stir in your cocoa rice cereal. I found it easier to use my hands at this point. Quickly mold the entire mixture into a ball, and flatten to look like a patty.





Be careful not to over work this mixture. It becomes greasy as the chocolate breaks down. Make sure to form your patty a little bit larger than a 6” circle, so that it will stick out from your hamburger buns a little. Nobody likes a flimsy burger!

Once you are happy with your patty shape, lay it aside to set. You can also make the patty a day ahead. Keep it covered in a Tupperware or a Ziploc bag once it has fully set.

I used to use this recipe to make little chocolate bars. It’s super simple, and I thought it would make the perfect sweet hamburger patty. A chocolate bar lying between two vanilla cakes - hello!




Let Us Make Lettuce!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

 2oz Wilton Gum Paste

 Wilton Flower Impression Set (Deep Leaf Vein)

Wilton Dust N Store filled with cornstarch

Wilton 9” Fondant Rolling Pin

 Wilton Color Right Performance Color System

 Wilton Ivory Icing Colors

Wilton Decorating Brush Set

Wilton Lemon Extract

Paring knife

Wilton Large Ball Tool

Wilton Fondant Shaping Foam Set

Wilton Sponge


You want to make your lettuce leaves a day in advance so that they will be dry enough to paint.

Take a piece of your gumpaste and roll it very thin. Dab some cornstarch onto the Deep Leaf Vein section of the Wilton Flower Impression Mat. Lay your thinly rolled gumpaste on top, and gently rub your fingers over top. You will see the veins appear in your gumpaste.

Move your gumpaste around on the mat to continue the pattern. Lettuce is a leaf, so keep in mind there is only one main vein, and the others should sprawl out in two directions away from that centre vein.

Now trim the edges of your gumpaste with a sharp knife and avoid cutting perfectly straight lines. Lay your gumpaste lettuce leaf onto your Wilton Sponge and use the Wilton Ball Tool to gently ruffle the edges of the lettuce leaf. The ball tool should be placed half on the gumpaste edge, and half off. Gently work the tool back and forth to create a ruffle.




Lay your lettuce leaves to dry on some crumpled up paper towel. This will help them to dry in a more realistic formation.

Now that your lettuce leaves are dry, mix your paint. I used 8 drops of Base Yellow and 1 drop of Base Blue with some lemon extract. To help soften the colour I added some Wilton Ivory gel until I felt the green was just right. Test the paint on the back of a lettuce leaf before painting them all. 

Use a brush to lightly coat both sides of each lettuce leaf. The paint will dry quickly. I like to hold the leaves in my hand while painting. If some of them start to break in your hands, don’t worry. Real lettuce breaks too.




Cut Some Onion Slices.

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

 2oz Wilton Gumpaste

 Wilton Color Right Performance System

Wilton Lemon Extract

Wilton Small Fondant Roller

Chef’s knife

Clean towel

2 rulers

Wilton Decorating Brush Set



Roll out your gumpaste to 1/8” thick. Paint the surface of your gumpaste with a mixture of 8 drops Base Pink, 1 drop Base Blue, and 2 drops Base Crimson diluted slightly with lemon extract. Let the surface dry for about 10 minutes.

Wet half of your clean towel and keep it beside you. Cut your gumpaste into thin strips that are about 1/16” thick. Make sure to wipe off your knife between every single cut. Wipe your knife with the wet side of the towel first, then dry it with the dry side. I know it is tedious, but if you skip this step all of the colour will bleed onto the white part of the onion.

Lay your strips on their side in a row, with all of the painted surfaces facing one direction. Use your two rulers, or any flat tools, on either side of your row of strips. Gently, press all the strips together into one another. 

Fold all of the strips into a half circle, making sure that the painted edges face the outside. Do this slowly to avoid cracking. You may need to add an individual folded strip to the centre of your half circle, to fill in some space.




Use your sharp knife to cut across the entire onion slice and give it an even edge. Lay the slice onto some crumpled up paper towel to dry. If the onion rings fall apart, never fear! I think they look more realistic that way.



2 Slices of Tomato Please.

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

4 oz Wilton Red Fondant

Wilton 9” Fondant Rolling Pin

3 ¼” circle cutter 

Wilton Color Right Color Performance System

Wilton Decorating Brush Set


Roll out your red fondant 2oz at a time. You can roll it however thick you like your tomato slices on your burger. Cut out one circle of fondant from each 2oz portion.

Lay your red fondant circles on a board, and paint all around the outside edge with some base red. No need to dilute the colour at all.




Lots of Mustard.

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

¼ cup Italian Meringue Buttercream

Wilton Lemon Yellow Icing Colors

Wilton Golden Yellow Icing Colors

Wilton Buttercup Yellow Icing Colors


Gradually mix your food colouring into your buttercream until you are happy with the colour. Why not have some real mustard on hand to help you out!



Oh, and Relish Too.

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need: 

¼ cup Wilton Clear Piping Gel

Green Apple Licorice

 Green Wine Gums

Chef’s knife

Vegetable oil

Wilton Moss Green Icing Colors

Wilton Leaf Green Icing Colors

Wilton Golden Yellow Icing Colors



Chop the green apple licorice and the green wine gums into tiny chunks. Wiping a little vegetable oil onto the blade of your knife will help reduce sticking.

 Colour your clear piping gel until you achieve the perfect relish green.

The Golden Yellow really helps. Stir in your chopped candy. Add just enough water to the mixture, to thin it out and make it more translucent. If having a jar or relish in front of you helps, go for it!




Cheese Please!

You Will Need:


½ recipe of modeling chocolate – find my recipe here

Wilton 9” Fondant Rolling Pin

Wilton Dust N Store filled with cornstarch

Paring knife



Roll out your modeling chocolate to 1/8” thick. Cut out a 6” square. If you like a double cheeseburger, make yourself another slice of cheese.



Place your Order.

Ingredients &Tools You Will Need: 

Small offset spatula

Brulee torch



Time to assemble this juicy double cheeseburger! Make it just the way you like it.


I began by placing the bottom bun onto a plate with the exposed vanilla cake facing up.

Spread on some mustard. It will act as glue to hold your patty in place. Add a slice of cheese.

Add another patty and another slice of cheese.




Brûlée the edges of the cheese that hang over the patties. Just slightly, so that they look like they have been melted by the heat of the patty.

Spread a nice portion of relish onto your cheese.

Add the two tomato slices and the onion. You may need to use a little more relish as glue.




Let us add lettuce! You want your lettuce leaves to stick out slightly. You may need to break some of the leaves in order to arrange them. 

Turn your top bun over and spread on some mustard onto the exposed vanilla cake. I love mustard. 

Lay your top bun onto your burger, and re-apply any sesame seeds that may have fallen off. Just brush on a little lemon extract and add the seeds immediately.






We Need Fries! Let's Start With Sugar Cookie Dough.

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

1 cup butter, room temperature

1 cup sugar

1/8 teaspoon Wilton Ivory Icing Color

1 egg

2 ½ cups flour

1/4 teaspoon baking powder

Rubber spatula

Baking tray 

Non stick baking mat

Parchment paper 

Rolling pin



Place flour and baking powder in a bowl. Whisk to combine. Using your paddle attachment, cream the butter and sugar on medium speed for 3-5 minutes. Scrape down the sides of your bowl. Add the food colouring and stir on low speed to combine.

Scrape down the sides of your bowl and add the egg. Turn your mixer back to low speed and mix until the egg is combined. Scrape the sides of your bowl once more and turn the mixer back on to low. Add your flour mixture and turn the mixer off once it is combined.

Pour your dough out onto your work surface and give it a final knead with your hands. Roll the dough into a ball and flatten it slightly into a rectangular shape.




Place the dough onto your non stick baking mat. Place a sheet of parchment paper on top, and roll out your dough to ¼” thick.

Leaving the parchment paper on top, place your cookie dough into the fridge to chill. Chill for at least 3 hours. I like to make the dough the night before and chill it overnight. Leaving the parchment paper on top will stop the surface from drying out.

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Sugar Cookie French Fries.

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

Chefs Knife

Paring knife 

Baking Trays lined with Parchment Paper or Non Stick Silicon Mats 

Wilton Decorating Brush Set

Wilton Golden Rod Color Dust 

Wilton Brown Color Dust



Cut your chilled sugar cookie dough into ¼” thick strips. Using your paring knife, cut each strip into random length french fries. Make sure to cut off any jagged edges. The fries should not be perfectly uniform, they will look more realistic.

Lay your fries onto your prepared baking trays. Make sure to leave room between the fries. Chill your cut sugar cookie french fries for 1 hour.




Bake the fries at 350º for 10 – 12 minutes until they are golden at the edges.

Mix together an equal parts of Goldenrod and Brown Color Dusts. Lightly brush this mixture onto the corners and edges of your fries. I painted half my fries, and left the other half natural.




Ketchup on the Side.

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need: 

½ cup Italian Meringue Buttercream

Wilton Red No Taste Icing Color

Wilton Ivory Icing Color



Mix the colour into your buttercream until you achieve a ketchup colour. I really like how the Ivory mellows out the Red. Ketchup is red, but not very bright.

To make this dessert extra fun, put your buttercream ketchup into a squeeze bottle or in a little ramekin on the side. This way your friends can squeeze buttercream ketchup onto their sugar cookie french fries, or dip them as they eat.




For one last added touch, I bought some coarse white sugar and place it into a salt shaker

Your friends will have a blast eating this juicy hamburger cake with sugar cookie french fries and buttercream ketchup on the side. Warning: This might be TOO much fun!