Nacho Average Cake with Sweet Tortillas, Chocolate Cake, Buttercream Guacamole, and Candy Toppings

Written By Ammie Matte - November 16 2015


Sal Kim
June 25 2016

I made the cake!!! The only problem is…. how am I going to find enough people to eat this….. oops :)

March 16 2016

Yo, My family and I love your show. I was wondering since your creations often take so much time how long would you say the cake is good for? Is it ok to bake it a few days before decorating as long as you simple syrup?

Klaudia Lane
November 19 2015

You are the light in every single one of my Tuesdays! I make your cakes all the time. (My boyfriend loves it by the way so thanks XD)

November 19 2015

That looks so amazing!!! I’m gonna give it a try!!! You come up with the coolest stuff!!!

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