I always get asked the same question over and over: What do you do with your cake scraps? Don’t worry everyone, I would never waste cake scraps. They might be scraps - but they are still delicious. When Yoplait asked me to partner with them to create easy fun snacks with their Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt!, I came up with the idea of making Cake Snacks out of cake scraps! YUM! I chose three flavours to work with Yoplait Greek 100 Vanilla Yogurt, Yoplait Greek 100 Black Cherry Yogurt, and Yoplait Greek 100 Mixed Berry Yogurt.




The best part about this recipe, is that it builds on ingredients you already have at home - your cake scraps! For everything else, I've arranged all of my ingredients and tools in a Parsel collection. You can find them all right here!


Let's Make Some Yoplait Cake Snacks!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

Vanilla cake scraps - find my recipe here

½ Vanilla bean

Ginger Snaps

Homemade Caramel - find my recipe here

Yoplait Greek 100 Vanilla Yogurt


Mini chocolate cake (great for using leftover batter!) - find my recipe here

2oz 72% dark chocolate

2oz whipping cream

Dark chocolate shavings

Maraschino cherry

Yoplait Greek 100 Black Cherry Yogurt


Leftover Pound Cake slices - find my recipe here


1 Tablespoon sugar


Yoplait Greek 100 Mixed Berry Yogurt


Chefs knife

Rubber spatula

Paring knife

Parchment paper cone

Wooden spoon

3 ½” round cutter

Small offset palette knife




Yoplait Greek 100 Vanilla Cake Snack

  • cut your vanilla cake scraps into cubes



  • cut your ½ vanilla bean in half lengthwise
  • use a paring knife to carefully scrape out the delicate seeds
  • fold the vanilla seeds into the Yoplait Greek 100 Vanilla Yogurt




  • place a layer of cake cubes into your dish
  • add a dollop of yogurt
  • place a few gingersnaps along the sides of your dish
  • drizzle with homemade caramel




  • repeat the process until your dish is full to the brim’
  • pour some caramel into a paper piping cone
  • cut a hole in the tip and pipe caramel in a zigzag pattern on top of your cake snack to finish it off




Yoplait Greek 100 Black Cherry Cake Snack


  • Chop your dark chocolate as finely as you can and reserve a small amount for the top of your cake snack
  • Make your ganache - find my recipe here




  • Level your mini cake and cut it into four thin layers
  • Use your round cutter to trim each layer into a perfect circle




  • Place the first cake layer down on your plate
  • Spoon on some yogurt and spread it with an offset palette knife
  • Stack and repeat with the remaining cake layers ending with a chocolate cake round on top
  • Spoon on some fresh ganache and use your palette knife again to guide it to the edge and help it drip down the sides
  • Top your mini cake with your reserved chocolate shards and chocolate shavings




  • Don’t forget the cherry on top!



Yoplait Greek 100 Mixed Berry Cake Snack

  • chop ½ dozen strawberries
  • sprinkle them with sugar and stir
  • cut your pound cake slices into proper rectangles
  • use a spoon to create 3 dollops of yogurt onto your plate
  • create a yogurt smear as a bed for your pound cakes
  • lay your two pound cake rectangles on top of the mixed berry yogurt smear




  • spoon on your strawberry mixture and let the juices absorb into the pound cake
  • add a few fresh blackberries and a whole strawberry cut in half with the leaves still on as a garnish




Enjoy these cake snacks anytime! Try different variations with your favourite Yoplait Greek 100 flavour and your favourite cake scraps and garnishes! You can play with Yoplait too!