Deep Red Velvet Brain Cake with Fondant Brain Tissue and Raspberry Jam Blood

Written By Ammie Matte - October 06 2015


Emma M
June 02 2016

I’m making a smaller brain cake for my son’s 1st birthday party (as I’m typing this, it’s tomorrow!) and I’m so excited to see how it comes out. I have to substitute regular flour with banana flour, since he’s got a sensitivity to wheat… I was wondering if there was a place I could post pictures of how it comes out? I like to show my work when I use someone else’s idea as a way of saying “Look! You’re idea was so awesome that I wanted to do it!” ya know?

Thank you so much for having such an easy to follow recipe and video for visual learners!!

~Emma M

March 19 2016

Is there an alternative to the jam? My kids don’t like it.

salvatore torrisi
November 01 2015

i’m a neuroscientist and made this for my science friends. obviously it was a huge hit. great recipe too; surprisingly tasty. FYI the “twirlies” are sulci and gyri … a sulcus (“sulci” is plural) is a groove in the cortex and a gyrus is a bump: Anyway, bravo, i’ll most likely be making this again :-))))

October 31 2015

If your fondant comes out too dark, take a piece of the dark fondant and mix it with white fondant. Continue adding white fondant if still too dark, or add dark fondant if it gets too white.

October 31 2015

I made this cake for the school’s bake sale and it fetched top dollar in the silent auction, in addition to grossing people out – thanks for the recipe!

October 30 2015

In the process of making the cake right now for a Halloween party. This is only my second time working with fondant and I wish you had been a bit more specific with how much coloring you used… my brain tissue looks more brown than flesh toned. Other than that, it the recipe was easy to follow and looks great!

October 30 2015

How much of the black, burgundy and golden yellow coloring do we need to make the fondant nude/flesh??

October 29 2015

I just finished baking the cake. I have the simple syrup prepped. Now just the buttercream and fondant to make. I’m going to try to make my own fondant. I’ll let you know how it all turns out. Thanks for the great idea.

October 27 2015

Thank you for this recipe and simple instructions! I made one, it was delicious and it really impressed my friends!

October 26 2015

Hello! I made the cake and it lasts for at least 4 days :) the problem that I had was that the jam affected the fondant too much; it all ran off the cake after 2 hours but that way it looked even more disgusting! My friends loved it :)

October 25 2015

the missing link to the red velvet cake is

October 25 2015 – missing link to the red velvet cake recipe

October 20 2015

The link for the red velvet kake is not working?

Shauna Thom
October 19 2015

It’s 3 and 1/2 lbs I assume!!! Lol

This cake looks amazing. I would love to try this for Halloween ???

Thank you for sharing

October 18 2015

Juan: 3 and 1/2 lbs (3,5)

October 17 2015

Juan RossI its 31oz or 2lbs!

Susan Hood
October 14 2015

OMG!!! Yolanda I had so much fun making the brain cake I was so excited it went over well for my family it grossed them out I tried to tell them to dig in but they were scared of a cake? mmm I must of did a good job making the brain cake.this is my first time trying out your recipes I will be make more of your cakes thank you.

Juan Rossi
October 13 2015

Hi, I think the fondant quantities are way off. It’s that 31 and a half pounds? That’s 14kg of fondant. Thanks

October 10 2015

How in advance can you make the brain cake and how long does it last. Also the raspberry jam doesn’t it effect the fondant. Thank you cakes are awesome

Miss candy
October 09 2015

I like your work so much it’s so amazing

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