Yo's Deep Red Velvet Cake

Written By Ammie Matte - October 06 2015


Joe Maguire
October 30 2018

OMG… Yolanda…. Love this but just a suggestion…. Please put that you have used Fahrenheit! Hahaha

I tried the brain cake (first time baking) for a Halloween bake off…. Im from the UK and we used degrees Celsius…..

Yes… I tried to bake a cake at 350 degree celcius for an hour and 40 mind…

Lesson learned.

July 31 2016

I made this and divided it between two cake pans, one came out really nice and the other was kind of gummy in the middle:(

June 17 2016

What is a cider vinegar? Can I use ordinary vinegar??

June 17 2016

What is a cider vinegar? Can I use ordinary vinegar??

April 29 2016

Hi Yo, I’m making a three tiered red velvet wedding cake and I wanted to use your red velvet cake recipe. My question is how many cups of batter this recipe makes? Or which size round cake pan 4lbs of batter would fill? That way I can just double/tripple the recipe if I knew what size pan this batter would fill. Hugs, Emma

April 23 2016

Hey Yo. I am planning on using your red velvet cake to make a flag cake for a birthday. Its the danish flag dannebrog. Do you have any suggestions to the coloring? It seems the color in your brain cake is a bit too dark and pink maybe. just leave out the cocoa and the burgundy gel color?

April 07 2016

Hello Yo!
Thank you for the helpful recipe!
It is so great that I would highly recommend this to people I know
I was wondering if you had a red velvet cake tutorial to show us slightly more clearly
If there is something maybe in any of your youtube videos or anything, please let me know
I am super excited to try this recipe out and see how good it turns out!!!

March 11 2016

Love u yo!!!! Great recipe.

Cake love
March 11 2016

Yo u r amazing !!!!! Love u and the recipe is great thx yo!!!

March 10 2016

Hey yo… I was wondering in your cakes what type of flour do you use… I really think you are fantastic…

January 08 2016

I would like to make a 6lb version of this. What quantities would I need- specifically the eggs? I can figure out the rest.

November 11 2015

How do you do the parchment paper and shortening in a round bowl for the brain cake? I found this very difficult :)

November 02 2015

I tried this and the results were very convincing. The accolades were all for you. I did try one idea of my own. For the cerebellum, I rolled and cut the fondant with an angel hair pasta cutter. It clung together enough that I could grab up sections and wrap up a couple small cake pieces. It worked like a charm.
Thanks Yo!

Rebecca sandys.
October 31 2015

Made cakes for years but I love the lightness of your recipes, always moist and perfectly baked:) thanks so much for sharing. Those in the UK Heston Blumenthal does a digital measuring jug with a cup setting. Makes life easier:)

October 30 2015

Great videos, you are really good yo.
I tried the recipe and it turned out terrible. I got a cookie texture on top and a goo in the middle. It was definitely cooked because I got the internal temp at 190F, the raw texture looked good… I don’t understand….
I have a question tho, when you mix the bicarbonate with vinegar it foams up like crazy and you add the foam to the mix, right ?

Cat Vlaentine
October 29 2015

Never mind

Cat Valentine
October 29 2015

It says to add vanilla but on your ingredients list it doesn’t have time. How much vanilla do you use?

October 27 2015

What size bowl should we use?

October 26 2015

What a great cake! Thanks for that recipe! :)
For all the european folks out there: I took a 250ml measuring cup for “1 cup” in the recipe and I baked it at 180°C. I thought it would be too much sugar and that I had made a mistake with the units, but the proportions work perfectly. It just ends up being a huge cake – don’t be afraid, it’s normal :D I love the idea with the buttermilk – this way the cake doesn’t get too dry.

October 15 2015

I’m am obsessed with this cake. Would it work with normal vinegar? What is the benefit of cider vinegar?

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