It's Oktoberfest! I’ll be using my Vanilla Cake recipe to recreate a freshly baked bun and a sausage using food colouring and fondant to help me build the perfect Oktoberfest sausage. Oh, and I’ll be using coconut in a fun, unexpected way!

Oktoberfest is a traditional festival held in mid-late September every year, ending on the first weekend of October. Though it originated in Munich, Germany, it is now celebrated all over the world in various communities. In fact, the largest Oktoberfest held outside of Germany is right here in Canada! Oktoberfest is a time for food, and fun, and beer, and food, and more food…Get the picture? In my opinion, every big celebration needs a cake. Especially when it gives me the perfect excuse to make one of my favourite foods on How To Cake It (don't forget to subscribe)!




 ** Now you guys know I love to stay organized (maybe it's inherited from my efficient German heritage, ha!), so I've organized all of my ingredients and tools that I used to make this cake into a collection on Parsel! Head over to my Parsel shop here. **


Let's Make a Frankfurter on a Bun!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

1 x 10” square cake pan

1 x 6” square cake pan

1 x 6lb portion of vanilla batter - find my recipe here

Wilton Orange Icing Colour

Wilton Burgundy Icing Colour



Dividing your Batter into Frankfurter & Bun Cakes:


Fill your 10” square pan with 4½lbs of batter. This should take about 1hr 15mins in the oven at 350 degrees, but be sure to test intermittently. Every oven is different :) 

Dye the remaining 1½ lbs of batter using Wilton Orange and Burgundy icing colours to resemble the colour of a hot dog. Then pour the coloured batter into your 6” square pan. Again, this should take about 35 mins at 350 degrees, but be sure to test to make sure a toothpick comes out clean.

In true Oktoberfest style, feel free to have a German beer while you wait for your cakes to bake. While you're sipping, hop online and SIGN UP to become a How To Cake It member HERE! Why? Because I will give you access to all my video tutorials BEFORE they are released on YouTube, AND send you member-only discount codes for all the merchandise on my site!


Carving Your Cakes into a Frankfurter & A Bun:


Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:

1 x Italian Meringue Buttercream Recipe - find my recipe here

2lbs Satin Ice White Fondant

Wilton Ivory Icing Colour

Rubber spatula

Small serrated knife

Small offset spatula

1¾” circle cutter

Sculpting tool

Clear food grade alcohol (like vodka or rum)

Paint brush


This cake is really fun to carve. Remove your completely cooled vanilla cakes from their pans. Cut the 10” square cake in half so that you have two pieces that are 5 x 10”. I drew myself a simple template by folding a piece of 10 x10” paper in half and drawing a bun shape onto it. Almost like a giant jellybean. Then I cut out my shape so that I had two identical templates. I laid one template on one half of my cake. Then I turned the second template over, so that the jellybean shape is facing the opposite direction, and laid it on the other half of my cake.




Now simply take your serrated knife and cut along both templates. Then round out the bun by cutting off the top edge all the way around the bun shape. There you have it! Two halves of a bun. Now crumb coat them, and set aside.



For the frankfurter, level your dyed vanilla cake and cut it into nine equal squares by cutting the cake into three equal parts in both directions. Your squares will be about 2” square. Use your 1¾” circle cutter to cut circles from all nine squares of cake. To assemble these circles into a hot dog shape, I first dyed a ½ cup of buttercream to match the cake using the same Wilton Orange and Burgundy icing colours. Use this buttercream to sandwich your cake circles together and crumb coat your sausage cake.




I coloured 1½ lbs of white fondant using Wilton Ivory for the bun, and ½ lb of white fondant using Wilton Orange and Burgundy once again for the sausage.




Once both my bun cakes and sausage cakes were covered, I further enhanced them by painting them both with a little Wilton Ivory mixed with clear alcohol. It really makes the bun come alive, and now your frankfurter looks hot off the grill! Don’t forget to indent and paint on a few grill marks too.





Dressing your Frankfurter Cake!

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need:


1½ cups Dried coconut chips

½ cup Dried coconut slices

2 Tablespoons Wilton Clear Piping Gel

1 Tablespoon Wilton Glycerin

Cake Craft Avocado gel colour

Wilton Buttercup Yellow Icing Colour

Wilton Leaf Green Icing Colour

Strip Cutter No.2

Yellow, Orange and Red sprinkles (optional)



I adore sauerkraut. I used to make it with my dad at home. I didn’t even have real sauerkraut on hand when I dyed my coconut shards. I feel like that particular colour is forever ingrained in my mind. Dilute a bit of Cake Craft Avocado and Wilton Buttercup Yellow in some clear alcohol. Play with the colour until you feel it is right. You can test it by dipping a shard of coconut into it, to see what it looks like. When you are happy with the colour, mix in the clear piping gel and the glycerin. Toss in your coconut shards. The mixture should look wet, so if you find it too dry, add some more piping gel. I really think the glycerin enhances the sheen. Real sauerkraut is wet, but that wouldn’t be a good thing for a fondant covered cake. I used the glycerin to help achieve the wet look.




Onions! I know, some people can’t stand them. I like that extra bite! A little bit of a sharp taste to cut through the richness of a sausage. I found these amazing dried coconut slices, and when I saw them I immediately thought of onions. I wanted them to look even more realistic, so I added those natural green lines you sometimes see on the outer layers of an onion. Dilute a lit Wilton Leaf Green in clear alcohol and paint it onto the lines of your strip cutter. Then run that strip cutter along one edge of each coconut slice.




Finally, mustard. My all time favourite topping. I think mustard should be a food group. I’m guessing German side is probably responsible for that. Oh, and it has got to be grainy mustard! Use Wilton Buttercup Yellow to colour ¼ cup of buttercream to perfect mustard yellow. Now throw in the yellow, orange and red sprinkles to make it grainy. Wunderbar!



Have fun topping your Oktoberfest Cake just like you would top a sausage on a bun. I wanted to get that picture perfect mustard squiggle, so I put my mustard buttercream in a piping bag and piped it onto my fondant covered vanilla Frankfurter Cake. And if you decide you want more, you can always dip it. What can I say, I love buttercream and mustard, so I never stood a chance against buttercream mustard! The best part is - you can pick it up and eat it too!