Stacked Back To School Book Cakes with Gumpaste School Supplies

Written By Ammie Matte - September 01 2015


March 26 2016

i wish i could get a free book cake can you give me one for free

March 26 2016

i wish i could get a free book cake

March 12 2016

Yo!?I am SO impressed with . Not only are you sharing your recipes, but you go above and beyond! ALL the links to everything needed?? (Example-where to buy fondant) When does that happen?! Such details are vital, but so often left to the reader. At least that’s my experience. Thanks for going above and beyond!

Yolimar Ruiz
March 08 2016

Hey Um.. Your cake making is awesome and yeah i would love to get an email back.

February 17 2016

wow Yolanda, the only problem I have is when I want to purchase some of ur stuff, the shipment fey is to much . I live all the way in Holland and I need to have a credit card to purchase ur stuff. And I am just 11 years young and my mom does not have a credit card. but awsome video. I have learned alot from it.

February 14 2016

Wow! Amazing! And thank you so much for providing such wonderful and detailed instructions!!!

February 11 2016

Wow that looks awsome. I would like to see this cake in front of my very own eyes one day.
Thanks again for making this cake.

September 15 2015

Absolutely AMAZING!

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