I used to spend hours brushing my My Little Pony's hair. What fun. There was something so satisfying about it. I had no idea that one of my favourite childhood toys had become such a cult classic! I personally think Rainbow Dash is the coolest, but that's just my opinion. And I couldn't resist turning her luscious rainbow locks into CAKE! I used ropes of rainbow fondant, carved vanilla cake, and delicious rainbow buttercream. Cake and rainbows. What more could a girl ask for?


 How To Cake It Yolanda Gampp Rainbow Dash Cake

Let's Make A Rainbow Dash Cake!

Ingredients And Tools You Will Need:

2 x 12x15" vanilla cakes - each cake requires my 4lb portion vanilla cake recipe – find my recipe here here

2 x 9" round vanilla cakes – make my 4lb portion vanilla cake recipe and split evenly between each round pan – find my recipe here


2 x Italian Meringue Buttercream recipe – find my recipe here



Large Serrated knife

Small serrated knife

6 x piping bags -

6 x #805 round tips -

Simple Syrup Soaker Bottle -

My Little Pony Template – download this here

Small offset spatula


 How To Cake It Yolanda Gampp Rainbow Dash Cake Levelling

Creating And Using Your Template 


I made two versions of my Rainbow Dash template – one is just a printout in full colour and on regular paper that I use as a reference of all the details and to make sure I get correct placement. You’ll see me use it to make Rainbow Dash’s eye, butt tattoo and wing :)

The second template I cut from plain cardboard, and use to carve my cake. Cutting it from cardboard allows me to place it on top of my cakes, and then carve along the edge of it without it tearing, moving or buckling. It’s sturdier!

Both these versions of templates can be made from the downloadable link I provide above.


How To Cake It Yolanda Gampp Rainbow Dash Cake Carving


Carving Your My Little Pony Cake!


Begin by removing your cakes from their pans and leveling them – I have a great video tutorial on how to do this like a pro HERE.

Cake Tip: Before carving your cakes, chill them for a while! This REALLY helps when carving to make sure your cake doesn’t crumble and fall apart. A warm cake is tough to carve. When your cakes are nice and chilled, carve the shape of your pony using your cardboard template. Carve the torso and legs from the two rectangle cakes, and the head from the two round cakes. I cut off the two centre legs from both torso cakes and placed two of them on a separate board for later. The other two you can throw into your cake scraps bowl :)

You will now have 2 x torso cakes, 2 x head cakes, 2 x legs.


How To Cake It Yolanda Gampp Rainbow Dash Cake Rainbow Buttercream 

Colouring Your Rainbow Buttercream!


Once you have all of your cakes carved it's time to move on to the rainbow buttercream filling. I divided one batch of my Italian Meringue Buttercream into six parts. About one cup each. Then I coloured each portion a different colour. For this I used Wilton icing colours in the following colours:


Wilton Lemon Yellow Icing Colour -

Wilton Orange Icing Colour -

Wilton Red (no taste) Icing Colour -

Wilton Violet Icing Colour -

Wilton Royal Blue Icing Colour -

Wilton Kelly Green Icing Colour -


Stir your food colouring into your buttercream a bit at a time until you reach the desired colours. The colours of Rainbow Dash are quite bright so you will need to add more than a teaspoon of food colouring per colour.

Place each colour of buttercream into its own piping bag fitted with a piping tip. Lay out 1 x torso cake and 1 x head cake in the right formation – use your cardboard template to get the head and body lined up just right. Now pipe your coloured buttercream onto the cake in diagonal stripes, alternating all six colours to achieve a rainbow pattern.

Place the second layers of cake on top and chill your cake for 10 minutes.


Final Carving Touches and Crumb Coating


This is where your sharp serrated knife comes in handy. Gently trim the top edges off the cake all the way around the entire shape. I used some of the extra scraps to add more dimension to Rainbow Dash's booty and ear. Give the whole pony a nice crumb coat with your remaining batch of Italian Meringue Buttercream, and chill her in the fridge. Don't forget to crumb coat your two separate legs as well! Once your crumb coat has chilled, ice the pony and legs once more using the rest of your Italian Meringue Buttercream.

 How To Cake It Yolanda Gampp Rainbow Dash Cake

Working With Fondant And Gumpaste:


To cover Rainbow Dash and create all her details you will need the following:


5lbs Satin Ice White Fondant (for body and wing) -

4lb Satin Ice White Fondant (for hair) -

1lb Satin Ice Green Fondant -

1lb Satin Ice Red Fondant -

1oz Satin Ice White Fondant (for eye and butt tattoo) -

½ lb gum paste (for wing) -

Wilton Royal Blue Icing Colour -  

Wilton Violet Icing Colour -

Wilton Lemon Yellow Icing Colour -

Wilton Golden Yellow -

Wilton Orange Icing Colour -  

Wilton Red (no taste) Icing Colour -

Wilton Kelly Green Icing Colour -  

Wilton Burgundy Icing Colour -

Wilton Black -

Rolling pin -

Sculpting tool -

Paring knife -

Nonstick gumpaste rolling pin -

Nonstick board (often called a flower board) -


That Special Rainbow Dash Blue!


For the Rainbow Dash blue fondant that will cover her entire body, dyed my 5lb portion of white fondant using a combination of Wilton Royal Blue and Violet. This colour takes time and patience, and it helps to keep a picture of Rainbow Dash near by. Or perhaps you have the actual toy.  ;)


How To Cake It Yolanda Gampp Rainbow Dash Cake Fondant

Covering Your Rainbow Dash Cake


I chose to cover the cake in parts because of its size. No need to cause added stress! Just make sure to plan your seams so that they land in spots that will later be covered by the wing or Rainbow's fabulous hair. Don’t forget to use your sculpting tool to exaggerate the indents on her legs and face. Leave a bit of your Rainbow Dash Blue Fondant aside because we’ll need it to cover her wing!


How To Cake It Yolanda Gampp Rainbow Dash Cake Gumpaste

The Pony Details!


The Wing

I made Rainbow Dash's wing out of gumpaste and let it dry for a few days – you can use your trusty template for this! Then I covered it with a thin layer of the same blue fondant that matches her body.


The Eye

Her eye is simply cut according to the template. I used Wilton Burgundy Icing Colour to create the different shades of burgundy needed for her ‘ombre’ eye – different amounts of this same icing colour added to my white fondant gave me all the shades I needed! For the black areas of her eye I dyed white fondant using Wilton Black. The eye in total took about ¾ oz of white fondant.


The Butt Tattoo!

Rainbow Dash's sassy booty tattoo is also cut according to the template. A little bit of blue – using Wilton Royal Blue Icing colour to dye some white fondant; yellow - using Wilton Lemon Yellow Icing colour to dye some white fondant; and red fondant for the lightning bolts, and a smidge white for the cloud. In total this tattoo takes about ¼ oz of fondant.


Rainbow Hair, Oh My!


For the rainbow colours of her mane and tail, I separated my 4lb portion of white fondant into 4 equal parts, and dyed each 1lb portion yellow, orange (Wilton Orange), purple (Wilton Violet), and blue (Wilton Royal Blue) respectively! For the yellow fondant, I dyed using both Wilton’s Lemon Yellow and Golden Yellow to get the perfect hue. Make sure to also have your 1lb portions of green and blue fondant standing by.

Working with one colour at a time, roll your fondant into tubes that taper at the end. These do not need to be exactly the same size just a similar size. Trim the tubes as you see fit, and add them, one at a time, to your cake to create the bangs, mane and tail on Rainbow Dash. Secure the tubes with a bit of clear piping jelly. Make sure you style her hair just right! This pony has a ton of fans! She needs to look her best. 


She's all set! Isn't my vanilla cake Rainbow Dash looking fly? Especially that fondant butt tattoo! I love that I could make her rainbow inside and out with her ropes of rainbow hair, and filled her with rows of rainbow buttercream.


How To Cake It Yolanda Gampp Rainbow Dash Cake